Mom Arrested For Confronting Her Daughter’s Bully

A California mom was arrested for confronting her daughter’s bully. Delia Garcia-Bratcher, age 30, is accused of grabbing the neck of a 12-year-old boy who reportedly tormented her daughter. Following the assault, Garcia-Bratcher was arrested and charged with felony child abuse.

Authorities said Garcia-Bratcher entered the Olivet Elementary Charter School, without permission, on Friday afternoon. As she did not sign in with the office, school administrators were unaware that she was inside the building.

Although no other adults were present, several students witnessed the assault. Garcia-Bratcher reportedly walked into the lunchroom, which was occupied by numerous children. She eventually located her son and asked him to identify his sister’s bully.

Witnesses said Garcia-Bratcher approached the alleged bully and grabbed him by the neck. Following the attack, the boy approached a teacher for help. Deputies with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department were called to the scene.

As reported by NBC News, authorities said the 12-year-old suffered “red marks consistent with being grabbed in the neck.” The mom was arrested for confronting and assaulting her daughter’s bully.

Garcia-Bratcher was charged with one count of felony child abuse. She was initially held in the Sonoma County Jail. However, she was later released on $30,000 bond.

Lieutenant Mark Essick said school officials and authorities are currently investigating claims that the defendant’s daughter was bullied. Although the investigation is ongoing, the claims were not substantiated at this time.

Bullying remains a heartbreaking reality for many families. The impact is specifically emotional for parents, whose initial reaction is to protect their children. Although many parents would love to retaliate, they must remember the bullies are children as well.

Lieutenant Essick said “it’s pretty unreasonable for a parent to go storming on campus like this… to take it into her own hands was absolutely the wrong thing to do.”

While it is easy to understand why Garcia-Bratcher wanted to confront the bully, her behavior was unacceptable.

As reported by Daily Mail, the incident has become a hot topic of debate on social media. Parents are quick to admit they would do anything to protect their children. However, Garcia-Bratcher clearly broke the law.

Commenter Matthew Hayward provided a specifically eloquent summary of the situation:

“I have three kids, and the idea of them getting pushed around makes me upset… However, we, as adults, have to set the example for our children. The kids who witnessed this event will think vigilante justice is OK… She could have made her point, without putting her hands on the kid. She resorted to violence, which puts her on par with the bully.”

Although she has received stark criticism, and faces criminal charges, Garcia-Bratcher has not offered an apology for her behavior. As the mom was arrested for assaulting her daughter’s bully, she is facing time in prison.

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