Australian Arrested For Fatally Raping And Assaulting A Toddler

In what could be described as one of the most gruesome and inhuman crimes, a 23–year old Australian man has been arrested with charges of fatally raping and assaulting a child.

While cases of child abuse are unfortunately very common, this attack was on a mere 2 year old child. Australian police arrested the man for raping and murdering his two-year-old stepdaughter in a northeastern city of the country, local media reported Friday.

The attack apparently took place over 2 weeks ago on April 18th and allegedly the child’s mother wasn’t at home at that time. The attack is being described as nothing short of a maniac and the court has expressed its grave concern about the same.

According to police documents, he man raped the child and punched her several times in the abdomen. This caused the child to suffer major internal injuries. After the attack, the man is said to have taken the child to the hospital, where the child suffered for 3 whole days, before succumbing to her injuries. To apparently conceal his identity, the man took the child to a hospital in the city of Coffs Harbor, 530 Km. north of Sydney, reported Yahoo News.

The man was taken into custody on Thursday morning and has been currently charged with a brutal sexual assault on a person under 10 years, murder, and other crimes related to consumption of drugs. Apparently, law enforcement officers believe the man may have been intoxicated to have committed such a heinous act on such a young victim. Additionally, the criminal was found to be in possession of 2g of methyl amphetamine, commonly referred to as ‘Ice’, ‘crystal meth’, or ‘speed’ among drug users.

Crystal Meth is a very powerful drug that can cause the user to completely lose focus of reality and even forget his or her moral compass. Meth drug users have been known to commit crimes ranging from the ridiculous to highly serious under the influence of the drug.

Visiting magistrate Robert Rabbidge has taken a very stern stand and ordered the judicial and law enforcement officers to take no precautions in hiding the name of the criminal. Hence Thomas Lock, Age 23 will have no way to conceal his identity from the world, reported The Daily Telegraph.

The world of a child molester or abuser can sometimes turn quite karmically as reported by The Inquisitr recently. Is the court hoping that, by not concealing Lock’s identity, he will be served justice in the same manner?

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