Banned Driver Caught Using Pliers As A Steering Wheel

A banned driver was caught attempting to manoeuvre an automobile with a pair of pliers after its steering wheel was removed.

The car not only had no steering column or wheel, but it had two blown out tyres and was being driven wildly according to Adelaide police.

The car’s 38-year-old owner was stopped by officers who then charged him with a series of offences, which included driving while uninsured, disqualified, and under the influence of drugs, which included cannabis and methyl amphetamine.

Police officers believe that the driver had been involved in a series of hit and run incidents prior to the accident, whilst he was then punished even further after he failed to stop at the scene of the crash.

South Australia police released a statement, “While this an extreme example, police wish to remind all motorists they have a responsibility to drive with due care at all times.”

They then added, “Operation Distraction, a state-wide focus on driver behaviour, in particular the use of mobile phones while driving and failing to wear seat belts, continues to run throughout the month of July and more than 1,700 offences have been detected.”

The man appeared in court on Tuesday, and has been remanded in custody.

Australasia is the home to some of the zaniest drivers on the planet, and last month it was revealed that Bob Edwards is the oldest driver in the world at 105 years old.

Discussing his love for driving, Edwards, who currently drives a four-wheel-drive red Mitsubishi, confirmed that he his first car didn’t even possess a steering wheel, and he used a lever to driver it around. Edwards remarked, “It was something new. Cars were just coming in,” he said of the De Dion Bouton that he learned to drive in England.

What’s the worst car that you’ve ever owned?

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