Condoleezza Rice Shunned Over Iraq: Should Hillary Clinton Be Silenced Due To Benghazi?

Condoleezza Rice is being publicly shunned by progressive professors at Rutgers University, with some claiming she does not “embody [the] moral authority and exemplary citizenship” required to be a college commencement speaker. But if that’s the case, should Hillary Clinton also be silenced by the liberal elite for the Benghazi scandal?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, even Mitt Romney says Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election campaign has a real chance, but Democrats may be unhappy to hear that Hillary really may not want to be POTUS.

Reports claim Condi Rice was lined up to give a commencement speech at Rutgers university. Greg Trevor, a spokesperson for the school, said they were excited to have Condoleezza visit:

“Dr. Rice is a highly accomplished and respected diplomat, scholar and author, and we are excited that she has agreed to address our graduates and guests at commencement.”

These plans were protested by the Faculty Council, which asked the university’s Board of Governors “to rescind its misguided decision” to invite Rice and also give her an honorary degree. They believe the decision to invite her was “heavily political” and claims Rice is not a good example to students because of alleged “lies” that led to the Iraq War. They also condemn her for condoning “enhanced interrogation” methods like waterboarding.

Benghazi Scandal

But Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi involvement has drawn heat from many quarters for over a year now. When asked about the coverup, she became infamous for saying, “What difference does it make!” Hillary Clinton also blamed the anti-Muslim film maker for Benghazi, which has some saying the guy was Obama’s patsy. Statements like this made some opine that Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted and Obama impeached.

Benghazi attack

In response, some media outlets even tried tried to deflect the fire by blaming the entire Benghazi scandal on Fox News. While polls still show Clinton winning against any Republican in 2016, Hillary Clinton’s approval rating dropped significantly due to the scandal:

“During the Benghazi hearings, Eric Nordstrom, the security chief in Libya, averred that Hillary Clinton “absolutely” would have been briefed on his and Stevens’ repeated requests for an increased security presence in Libya. Charlene Lamb told Nordstrom Benghazi security couldn’t be maintained “because there would be too much political cost” but we don’t know who in the Obama administration gave Charlene Lamb this idea. Hillary Clinton denied knowing about the denied requests for Benghazi security, which resulted in internal security being reduced from 34 people to just three. The Benghazi talking points were also altered by Hillary Clinton’s state department.”

Many of the statements made by Ambassador Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton attempted to politicize the Benghazi attacks to make them appear favorable to President Obama right before the 2012 Presidential elections. The narrative from the State Department included Al-Qaeda losing ground, which was untrue as anyone in Iraq can now attest. But Pat Smith, mother of slain Sean Smith, claims Hillary Clinton was directly responsible for her son’s death in Benghazi:

“They’re just covering up for Hillary. Hillary killed my son … As far as I can tell from all my sources, she was responsible — directly.”


When it comes Benghazi, Condoleezza Rice initially told Americans “we shouldn’t jump to conclusions” but eventually even she realized something else was going on:

“When you have the ambassador walking off to talk to the Turkish [consul general] in the courtyard on 9/11– something doesn’t seem quite right to me about the level of security preparations at the consulate…. [T]hose decisions– it’s not clear where they were made in the State Department…The regional security officer is the head diplomatic security officer in the consulate. This one had come back in July, he had reportedly asked that some additional security be kept on the ground, so something didn’t get right in terms of the decisions about security on the ground prior to the attack.”


Condoleezza Rice: A Double Standard?

The National Review claims “Republican commencement speakers frequently draw ire and protests from university populaces” yet “opposition to Democratic speakers is rare.” Considering the allegations against Hillary Clinton related to Benghazi, it seems she may also not “embody [the] moral authority and exemplary citizenship” required by progressives. So should a potential Democratic candidate for the 2016 presidential elections be censored as well?