American And Iranian Forces Joining To Fight Al-Qaeda In Iraq? [Video]

Iran and the United States are taking their new found friendship to the next level, according to Israeli intelligence website Debkafile. The United States and Iran are both contributing troops to the effort to fight al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Iraq is two weeks into a major operation in which they are targeting the jihadists who have made major inroads in Iraq over the last few years. Three armies are assisting the Iraqis in the effort, The US, Iran, and Syria. This news poses major PR problems for the US as Iran is still believed to be developing nuclear weapons, and not a week goes by that Syrian president Bashar Assad is not to blame for slaughtering more innocent civilians.

The aim of the mission is to prevent al-Qaeda from forming their own mini state in the frontier straddling Iraq and Syria. The al-Qaeda groups, ISIS and the Nusra Front, have declared a major jihad to overthrow the Syrian President and to thwart the US in Iraq.

The US army has sent the Iraqi army Hellfire surface to air missiles to use against the al-Qaeda forces on the Syrian and Jordanian borders. The US will soon be sending unmanned aerial drones in order to assist in hunting down jihadists.

Intelligence sources are saying that Iran and the US are finding themselves in a surprising alliance to save the Assad. Russia, who has long been a strong supporter of Assad, has noted that the US is becoming more realistic in their responses to the Syrian crisis.

Since the signing of the Geneva Accords with Iran and Assad’s destruction of their chemical weapons stock Iranian, Russian and American collaboration is growing. Russian President Vladimir Putin is hoping to use the alliance to prevent the Jihadists from going after the Winter Olympics.

President Obama is hoping that the collaboration with America’s worst enemies is going to help him flex his chops as a peacemaker and enhance his image in the foreign policy arena. With the upcoming American withdrawal from Afghanistan, Obama is hoping Iran will help maintain stability in the war torn country.

The US Congress and Israel remain firmly against collaboration with the Iranian regime.

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