Cecil Chao Offers $120 Million To Any Man Who Marries His Lesbian Daughter

Todd Rigney

Cecil Chao Sze-tsung is still determined to find a man to marry his lesbian daughter.

The Hong Kong businessman made headlines back in 2012 when he offered to pay a guy $65 million to change his daughter's sexual orientation. If the man could successfully walk Gigi Chao down the aisle, then he wouldn't have to worry about money for the rest of his life.

Not surprisingly, Gigi wasn't exactly thrilled with her father's quest to essentially cure her homosexuality. Although many guys tried to woo the property tycoon's daughter -- approximately 20,000 potential fiances proposed to the woman -- she ultimately rejected their advances. However, Cecil Chao apparently hasn't given up on his mission just yet.

During a conversation with Malaysian newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau earlier this week, Cecil Chao revealed that he intends to increase the offer. Should a guy convince Gigi to get married, then they'll take home a whopping $120 million. However, Cecil insists he isn't trying to mess around in his daughter's personal affairs.

"I don't want to interfere with my daughter's private life. I only hope for her to have a good marriage and children as well as inherit my business," Chao explained.

While Gigi has attempted to stop her father from making such offers, Cecil Chao apparently doesn't have any plans to stop trying to reverse his daughter's homosexuality anytime soon. Not surprisingly, Gig's partner Sean Eav is understandably upset by these marital bounties.

"First of all, I'm concerned about his use of the word 'dowry' in an Asian country, as it is well known that dowry deaths are a human rights concern in India, and I don't want people to step backward on hearing this news," Gigi recently told the South China Morning Post.

She continued, "Secondly, I don't think my dad's offering of any amount of money would be able to attract a man I would find attractive. Alternatively, I would be happy to befriend any man willing to donate huge amounts of money to my charity, Faith in Love, provided they don't mind that I already have a wife."

Although she loves her father dearly, Gigi said that Cecil Chao comes from a different era. As such, he doesn't thoroughly understand "the plight of the LGBT [community]." Despite their obvious differences, this apparently doesn't get in the way of their relationship. They just cannot agree on what defines a marriage.

The peculiar situation caught the attention of comedian and filmmaker Sacha Baron Cohen back in 2012. At one point, the Borat star wanted to portray Cecil Chao in a motion picture entitled The Lesian. However, that project never got off the ground.

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