Gigi Chao Talks About Father’s $65 Million Marriage Bounty

Gigi Chao has received several marriage proposals this week after her father made an offer to the men of the world: Marry my lesbian daughter and receive $65 million.

According to The Standard, Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung made the offer after he learned that Gigi and her girlfriend Sean Eav had a church’s blessing.

Some people might find Cecil’s proposal offensive but Gigi Chao said that it’s just a sign of his love.

Chao said:

“I’m actually on very, very loving terms with my father. We speak on a daily basis. He just has a very interesting way of expressing his fatherly love.”

Gigi said that she didn’t take her father’s offer seriously at first but since the story has gone viral the 33-year-old woman has been “shocked” by the response.

Gigi said:

“Both Sean and I have been so surprised at the speed it became a viral phenomenon. Basically, my father has been a staple in Hong Kong newspapers for a long time, so the press took his comments at first as something light-hearted, but then it went round the world.”

Gigi said that she’s received thousands of Facebook friend requests, hundreds of letters and emails, and a few dozen marriage proposals.

Chao’s offer has caused several people to toss out wedding proposals to his daughter but it has also had another effect on Gigi’s life. Gigi said that she has tried to keep her sexuality private out of respect for her father. That, however, is no longer possible.

Gigi said:

“Due to my parent’s high public profile, I don’t flaunt [my sexuality]. I’m a private person … I believe gay pride should stem from a proliferation of successful members of the community. I had (never) envisaged us becoming the face of gay Hong Kong but to change public perception one has to be honest and live with integrity.”

But it doesn’t look like anyone will be receiving the $65 million dowry.

Gigi said:

“My father … wants me to live in the closet and marry a man to promote my social status and he thinks marriage is a prestigious thing. Hong Kong is a long way from even talking about legalizing gay marriage but we need to change first social perceptions so the word ‘gay’ doesn’t immediately cause blushing and embarrassment.”

What do you think of Cecil Chao’s $65 million offer for a man to marry his lesbian daughter? Do you think Gigi Chao will become a gay icon in Hong Kong? Would you swing the other way for $65 million?

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