Trader Joe’s Car Crash Injures 15 In Long Island

A car crash at Trader Joe’s in Long Island left at least 15 people with injuries.

According to reports, a driver plowed her car through the front window of the Oceanside Trader Joe’s on Friday. The New York Daily News explains that the motorist slammed into the store after careening off two cars in the parking lot at around 1 pm.

One Trader Joe’s shopper was reportedly pinned beneath the wheels of the vehicle after the car crashed through the front window. The woman also destroyed at least two cash registers during the accident. One witness described the scene as “crazy.”

“(She) drove right in. I saw them bringing out people and checking them out,” Michelle Olsen said.

According to Business Insider, the person who caused the accident at the Long Island Trader Joe’s location was reportedly described as an elderly woman. It’s currently believed that she simply lost control of the vehicle. In addition to pinning on person beneath her car, she also trapped one man in an aisle.

“When the car came through, it was just like shattering glass, and the next thing we knew the registers were like dominoes and went down, 1-2-3,” Elizabeth Donnelly told NBC News.

In addition to the two people who received serious injuries during the Trader Joe’s accident, authorities explained that several other patrons at the supermarket received minor injuries. While some people suffered broken bones and head injuries, others were knocked out. Twelve people were reportedly taken to the hospital.

“Apparently [the driver] had some problems negotiating in the parking lot,” one witness explained. He added that the woman didn’t appear to have any serious injuries from the accident. She was apparently more shaken up by the experience than anything else.

A spokesperson for Trader Joe’s told the Wall Street Journal that the company was doing everything in their power to work with police and investigators. The representative explained that the grocery store’s “primary concern is the health and well-being of our crew members, customers, and anyone else that may have been injured.”

Police are currently investigating the Trader Joe’s crash at the Oceanside, Long Island location. The conditions of those injured during the accident are unknown as of this writing.

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