‘Fast And Furious 7’ Will Go On To Honor The Late Paul Walker

Fast and Furious 7 will go on. Not despite the death of Paul Walker, but to honor him. The popular actor died in a fiery car crash, much like his movie counterpart probably would, and fans can probably take solace in that.

It may be too early yet to tell what Vin Diesel and his fellow crew members have to say about the passing of their long-time costar, but we can definitely expect the Riddick actor to have some kind words to say about him on the social media sites. Yes, the on-screen tough guy is really quite the opposite of the roles he’s famous for.

Fast and Furious 7 was midway through filming before one of its biggest stars lost his life. Paul Walker was the passenger of a Porsche GT, which had gone out of control and hit a tree, bursting into flames with its occupants.

How they will handle filming the rest of the movie without the now dead Paul Walker is still unknown. Brandon Lee was face-mapped on a stunt double for The Crow, so they could continue that way. They could also possibly make his death a plot twist, making him a victim of Jason Statham’s villain character.

Either way, Hollywood Life reported from a source close to the cast that the late Paul Walker will be honored by finishing the film. Paul Walker has now joined the likes of Brandon Lee, Oliver Reed, Heath Ledger, and Raul Julia as actors who died in the making of popular films, which in turn were dedicated to said actors.

A source close to the cast of the film stated:

“Many people within the production haven’t even heard the tragic news because of the holidays, but its almost positive that the movie will still move forward in his honor. Once people get back to work on Monday, many meetings will be happening.”

Paul Walker will be missed, and Fast and Furious 7 will go on to honor the fallen actor.

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