‘Riddick’ Blu-Ray And DVD Attack After The Holidays

The Riddick Blu-Ray and DVD are set to hit shelves after the holidays. Sadly, there is no home viewing of Vin Diesel’s latest Furyan film before January, unless you already saw it in theaters.

Vin Diesel is a name you have probably heard a lot. He made a race movie into a successful series with The Fast and The Furious, playing the role of Dominic Toretto, and had a cameo in Saving Private Ryan. He shows no sign of stopping.

The role that made Vin Diesel famous in the first place, however, was Richard B. Riddick. He was surrounded in secrecy as he turned the character from a notorious killer to an anti-hero with an approach that reminded us of a lion readying for the kill. Riddick made us uneasy as he took advantage of our lack of attention to detail and used it against us with a precision that made him scary.

After saving two survivors of a cargo crash from a planet filled with predatorial aliens in Pitch Black, Riddick was then hunted by relentless mercenaries. These mercenaries proved to be no match for the Furyan, however, as he defeated them and took the throne of an alien civilization for himself in The Chronicles of Riddick.

The followup, Riddick, hits Blu-Ray and DVD on January 14, 2014. In this film, Vin Diesel once again reprises the role that made him famous, as Riddick is betrayed by the elders of a dark religion and left to die on a desolate planet. As we have come to expect from the Furyan, he seems to thrive on impossible odds.

Just when the Furyan is about done mastering survival against the planet’s predators, he happens upon a mercenary ship. Soon after, Riddick discovers another band of mercenaries landing on the planet and starts a rivalry between the groups.

Discover how the Furyan deals with this new challenge after the holidays when Riddick hits Blu-Ray and DVD.

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