Lost Hiker Eats Beloved Pet Dog To Stay Alive

Marco Lavoie, 44, was trapped with no food in Canada after a bear destroyed his supplies. The lost hiker was only days from death when he had to make the most heart wrenching decision of his life.

In order to survive in the wilderness he had no alternative but to eat his beloved pet dog

The climber, who was from Quebec, was dangerously ill when he was airlifted to safety last week following a planned three month solo hike.

After a bear attacked his campsite and destroyed his canoe, he was starving. Eventually he forced himself to kill and eat his German shepherd, who had bravely chased the bear away from the camp.

Following his rescue from the Nottaway River wilderness near Montreal, it was discovered that Lavoie had lost half his body weight and was suffering from hypothermia. He was also unable to speak.

Lavoie was reported missing by his family after he failed to return from a trek to Lake Matagame.

Andre Francois Bourbeau, a recognized expert in bushcraft, said: “He survived because he made good decisions. Eating his dog was one of them. You have to be desperate, but there’s no shame in eating the dog. He had to use reason.”

A survival instructor, Caleb Musgrave, said: “Up there, in the Canadian shield, there’s little plant life to live off, so he would have been slowly, painfully dying when they found him. It’s an amazing feat that he was able to keep himself alive this long with almost no equipment.”

How would you feel about eating your pet dog? And why do we regard the concept of eating a dog – any dog – so strange? After all, in many Far Eastern cultures, eating dog is not uncommon.

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