Lululemon’s New Yoga Pants Draw Complaints Too

Lululemon has probably had enough of complaints about its yoga pants. The company also likely believed its sheer pants snafu was done and over. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that way.

Just a few months after Lululemon recalled yoga pants for an issue that cost the company millions in sales, customers took to Facebook to complain about the product again.

According to the latest complaints, the newly-redesigned yoga pants are still too sheer, reports USA Today. The pants have also started pilling after a few months of wear, or even just a few uses. Seams coming apart and holes in the workout pants are also issues.

For a company trying to put the see-through yoga pants snafu behind it, the fresh round of complaints are a huge problem, especially when the retailer’s hardcore fans were still willing to spend $100 or more for yoga pants. NBC News notes that customers aren’t just frustrated with the quality of their purchase.

Some cited Lululemon’s attitude toward their concerns and complaints as their reason for ditching the brand. Jaime Katz, an analyst at Morningstar, explained, “It seems like the problem is still out there and I’m not sure if it’s maker error or user error at this point. That quality control… is where they need to put their money where their mouth is.”

According to customers who use the company’s forum site,, it’s not user error. A thread titled “Getting a little concerned about Lulu quality!” had more than 100 comments, most of which explained that they followed the company’s rather exacting laundering and care specifications, but still had issues.

While some customers are sticking with the company, for now, other hardcore fans already moved on. DelRae Messer, owner of a detox-weight loss company, is one of the latter. She spent about $20,000 on Lululemon gear over the past several years, but commented that the quality made her give up her favorite brand.

Do you think Lululemon can withstand the latest round of complaints about its yoga pants?

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