Sean Penn: ‘Obama Should Commit Opponents Via Executive Order’ [Video]

Sean Penn may have made nice with Kid Rock in 2012, but he’s still no fan of conservatism, especially the brand embraced by so-called “Tea Party Republicans” in Congress.

In an interview with Piers Morgan on Monday, Penn said that the Tea Party is to blame for nearly all of the country’s problems, particularly the deep political divide in Congress right now. The solution, he argued, is diagnosis and institutionalization.

“I think they have — there’s a mental health problem in Congress. This would be solved by committing them by executive order, I think. Because these are our American brothers and sisters, we shouldn’t be criticizing them, attacking them. … This is a cry for help.”

Even Morgan seemed somewhat taken aback by Penn’s sincerity, asking if he meant that individuals like Ted Cruz should be hospitalized for mental health conditions.

“He is my American brother. I think we should take care of him, he is in trouble,” Penn replied.

During the interview, the 53-year-old actor also dismissed Edward Snowden as narcissistic, and argued that the NSA leaker didn’t fit his definition of “whistleblower.”

“A legitimate whistle-blower is one who is the curator of the information that they’re distributing. I don’t feel that that’s the case with Snowden… I think that we will find forgiveness in our justice system and in our hearts when somebody has called foul on crimes… by our government against our people, or against other governments or people.”

Do you agree with Sean Penn? Should the president use the power of executive order to clean up Congress, even if it implies silencing his political opponents? Sound off!

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