Kid Rock And Sean Penn Team Up For Profound Political Short Film [Video]

Sean Penn and Kid Rock may seem like the unlikeliest duo to put together a political video, but the two diametrically opposed celebrities did just that.

Celebrities, for better or worse, often get involved in politics. Though it may cause our eyes to roll from time to time, since celebs tend to take one side religiously and pour on the rhetoric, a celebrity voice in politics tends to get a lot of traction. But what would happen if two celebrities on opposite ends of the political spectrum came together, aired out everything they find unseemly about the “other side” only to ultimately realize that despite its faults, America is still the greatest nation on earth?

Cue Kid Rock and Sean Penn.

In the short film “Americans” directed by Jameson Stafford, Kid Rock, a staunch conservative takes on Sean Penn, a highly vocal self-avowed liberal in a rhetorical death-match. The two meet by chance in a bar, and air out their grievances as stand-ins for their respective party. They pull no punches and take no prisoners with their harsh rhetoric and damning opinions of each other, giving life to the things that so many of us already say (or want to say) about the folks across the aisle from us.

Penn calls the Romney-supporting singer a “Chick-fil-A-eating, waterboarding, NASCAR-loving, Cayman Island bank account-having, endangered species-hunting, war-mongering, rednecked, toothless Wall Street troglodyte,” while Rock sizes up Penn as a “tofu-munching, welfare-loving, Prius-driving, Obama-sucking, tree-hugging, whale-saving, gay marriage-fantasizing, big government-voting … flag-burning, socialist ACLU whiny-assed granolacrat.”


But what happens next marks “Americans” as one of the most profound, touching, and meaningful political films of this election cycle, nay, of all time. Kid Rock and Sean Penn give proper accounts for both extremes and manage to walk away with a healthy dose of mutual respect. If only we could follow by example.

Without further ado, here’s “Americans” starring Kid Rock and Sean Penn. We have to warn you, it’s NSFW due to language, but it’s the best thing you’ll watch all day:

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