Bitstrips Backlash Begins, And You Can Block The Comics From Facebook

bitstrips annoying

By now, everyone knows Bitstrips, those ubiquitous personalized comics currently taking over Facebook feeds across the universe.

Bitstrips comics are the ones in which friends will take a (usually quite idealized) “avatar” of themselves and place it into a mundane or otherwise all over the feed scenario (since only a few come out each day.) Often Bitstrips are made with friends involved, so their publishing to Facebook is one to which anyone with mutual friends will be exposed.

It’s not clear when Bitstrips became everyone’s favorite time waster, but the cute and fun to make pics have been popping up on Facebook so much so that the Bitstrips service itself has been completely inundated with traffic. Throughout the weekend, my daughter tried to get on and make just one to share with her BFF, but the service was intermittently inaccessible — we imagine due to very high interest in making comics and publishing them to Facebook.

Like all trends, Bitstrips seems to be more fun for the people playing with it than the people in the audience — and I think we all know the price for people tolerating our own Bitstrips is to throw a like or comment to other people when they share their Bitstrips efforts.

However, like Farmville, Bitstrips has already worn out its welcome on the social network, and the vocal abstainers are already threatening unfriendings over the comics.

Don’t be that guy. In this day and age, an injudicious unfriending can have big consequences and is like the social media version of blocking a person from calling you — total faux pax. And when it comes to Bitstrips? Totally unnecessary!

Instead of losing pals over Bitstrips (or the next fun for some app to come down the pike and rain its service all over our Facebook feeds), you can take a kinder, gentler approach to dealing with unwanted app posts during your social media experiences.

To remove Bitstrips from Facebook both for yourself and as it pertains to others, find a Bitstrips post in your Facebook feed. It really shouldn’t be hard, there is one every 10 or so posts on my feed right now.

In the right hand corner, there is a little, hard to see grayed-out arrow pointing downwards. Click it.

A drop down menu pops up. Your options are to follow the post, report the post (“I don’t want to see this”), block the person‘s content from appearing in your news feed, or the last option — block Bitstrips from your news feed.

Click option number four, “hide all from Bitstrips.”

Do you find Bitstrips to be annoying, or do you have fun making them and seeing others’ comics?