‘GTA 5’ Money Delayed, ‘Beach Bum’ DLC Announced

The GTA 5 money payout has been delayed until Rockstar can fix the bugs that still plague their hit title. It seems the glitches that affect the fair trade of goods and cash in the game haven’t been completely fixed yet and Rockstar wants to be sure that those bugs won’t cause the money from their promised stimulus package to just vanish less than a week after it’s delivered.

Yes, Grand Theft Auto 5 gamers, Rockstar is looking out for you, and at the same time putting a stop to the exploits that allow gamers to get an unfair advantage by replaying the same missions. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the mission exploits were mostly fixed by reducing the payouts to half when they are repeated, though they are allowing them to be repeated for fun.

The cash payout was promised due to early glitches in Grand Theft Auto Online which caused money, items, and even characters to vanish after gamers saved their progress. It seems the game was riddled with problems from the moment it hit the MMO servers.

The GTA 5 money promised to victims of the early glitch is still on its way, but Rockstar wants to be sure it will stay where it is when they hand it out.

The Beach Bum DLC is the first add-on promised, and will give your GTA Online character a slew of new options to make them more “beach friendly” with more hair and clothing options, as well as new tattoos. Rockstar’s first Grand Theft Auto 5 DLC will also add more missions to its online mode so those of you who have been playing it almost nonstop since you bought it will finally have something new to try out.

Also coming this fall is another promised DLC add-on that will let gamers create their own online missions, so those promised custom deathmatches and races will soon be a reality. Yes, Grand Theft Auto Online is aiming to steal some of the thunder from the upcoming Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts by making its own online shooter.

These DLC packs are not going to cost you any of your GTA 5 money, as it’s been stated they are free. Apparently Rockstar knows they already have enough money after breaking seven Guinness World Records, and has decided to give the good players in Grand Theft Auto 5 a break while taking away the ability for cheaters to prosper by fixing the online exploits for good.

Rockstar is looking out for you, Grand Theft Auto 5 gamers, even if their promised GTA 5 money is still in limbo while they fix the game.

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