Grand Theft Auto Online Players To Receive $250,000 In-Game Cash This Week

Later this week, Rockstar Games plans on handing out $250,000 to early players of Grand Theft Auto Online. Before you run to get a change of pants (or hopefully before), that’s $250,000 worth of in-game currency.

This is, as previously reported on by The Inquisitr, part of a two-part lump sum.

The news comes by way of the “GTA V Social Club” Twitter account (via Joystiq). Unsurprisingly, they forgot to mention what day this cash infusion is supposed to take place.

If you were around during the early days of Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar’s free, progression-based multiplayer expansion for Grand Theft Auto V, then you probably don’t need us to tell you why Rockstar is doing this.

In case you’re late to the party, here’s the short version: upon launch, basically nothing worked. Once you had created your character you had already done just about everything there was to do at the time; a lucky few managed to (almost) get through the race, the multiplayer mode’s first mission.

If you did manage to get further than that, then there were even more problems to keep you from having fun; cars and players – that is, player data for GTAO – were mysteriously disappearing, the game would hard freeze, and connections would be dropped on a fairly regular basis no matter how solid your connection was.

Needless to say, a whole bunch of people needed a really good reason to give the multiplayer another try after the mess that was launch. Rockstar is hoping that two payments of $250,000 can do just that.

Fortunately for those who are already looking to get their online mayhem on, Rockstar has steadily been rolling out fixes for the game since its release, and Grand Theft Auto Online is in a much more playable state.

If you gave up when it first came out, later this week may be a good time to give it another spin.

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