Whoopi Goldberg of 'The View' Panics on Air as ABC Reporter Faces ‘Security Incident’ in Israel

Whoopi Goldberg of 'The View' Panics on Air as ABC Reporter Faces ‘Security Incident’ in Israel
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The View’s usually calm and composed host, Whoopi Goldberg, found herself battling with panic as a sudden ‘security incident’ interrupted a live broadcast from Israel during Tuesday’s show. ABC News chief national correspondent, Matt Gutman, was delivering a report just outside of Sedrot, a city that had recently come under attack by Hamas gunmen. The unexpected interruption left Goldberg visibly concerned, reflecting the gravity of the situation unfolding live on air.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Bryan Bedder
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Bryan Bedder

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As Gutman explained the 'small arms fire' in his vicinity, a man in uniform approached him with urgent news, asserting, "The IDF [Israel Defense Forces] has issued an immediate alert that everybody has to leave. There is some security incident just near us." Gutman, who was in a black T-shirt and bulletproof vest, started moving backward while updating the viewers. Goldberg was perplexed and worried, she asserted, "Go do what you gotta do, we got you."

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The intensity of the situation was perceptible as Gutman walked backward, describing the ongoing events.  “We're okay, we're walking to the car anyway which is right over there, But can I explain what's going on? They've had this battle, and I just want to show you what's going on here". He continued, "These armored jeeps are going towards where we've been hearing this incessant gunfire, and just on the other side of that bridge, we've seen a large number of troops headed in that direction, you see the ambulances over there.”

As per Daily Mail, Goldberg, along with her co-hosts, expressed genuine concern for Gutman’s safety. When the broadcast circled back to the studio. Goldberg admitted, “Well, that's what happens when it's live and you're in the middle of it. We got our fingers crossed that he's safe and he's going to remain safe.” Gutman later confirmed his safety when the show returned from the commercial break. 

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Gutman asserted, “There is a pretty significant movement of troops here. We're okay where we are right now, but you can hear booms in the distance. There was significant gunfire, there was a helicopter gunship in the air. Obviously, they found something, but we are safe right now, Whoopi.”

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Gutman explained, “We are just outside of Sderot, and about a mile in that direction is the border with Gaza, just a little bit to the left of where I am right now is this town of Kfar aza, which was decimated." He further added, "This whole area here, all of the towns have been completely evacuated of civilians, many of the people there have been killed. The death toll is over 900. So now we understand that the Israeli military had cleared this area, but that does not appear to be the case. So they think that Hamas militants are still around.” Goldberg and her co-hosts, relieved to hear he was safe, continued the conversation, shedding light on the complexities of the conflict.



The incident highlights the risks faced by journalists reporting from war zones. The View's panel acknowledged the bravery of journalists like Gutman and the gravity of the situation. 'We are witnessing true evil and I just... my hearts are with the Israeli people. My heart is praying for a peaceful solution to this.'" Alyssa Farah Griffin expressed empathy for the Israeli people, emphasizing the need for a peaceful resolution. 

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