Colorado Boy, 15, Accused Of Stabbing Female NASCAR Hopeful, Also Had A ‘Kill List,’ Police Say

A 15-year-old Colorado teenager who allegedly stabbed Makayla Grote, 19, also possessed a “kill list,” according to Lakewood law enforcement investigators. Makayla Grote was allegedly stabbed to death by the 15-year-old Colorado teen when she answered the door of her apartment at The Shores at McIntosh Lake complex in Longmont. The aspiring NASCAR driver’s name […]

Florida Student Raped By Teacher Wins $49.3 Million Lawsuit

A Florida student raped by her geometry teacher inside the classroom was awarded a $49.3 million settlement. Bresnniel Jansen Mones raped the Miami-Dade sophomore repeatedly over his desk during school hours, according to the victim’s attorney. The Florida teacher raped his student in 2013, according to court records. Bresnniel Mones, 35, was arrested in early […]

Five Naked Canadians Kidnap Family After Drinking Hallucinogenic Tea, Alberta Police Say

Five naked Canadians were arrested after crashing their car and being charged with kidnapping an entire family, including a 6-week-old baby. According to police reports, the five naked Canadians drank a hallucinogenic tea with their breakfast before forcing the Laduc County couple and their baby into a BMW against their will. The couple and their […]

Polk City, Florida Woman Arrested For DUI While Riding A Horse

A Polk City, Florida woman was arrested on DUI charges after being caught riding a horse down the road. Donna Byrne, 53, was in a state of confusion when she was witnessed on the road, according to law enforcement officers who were called to the Combee Road and North Crystal Lake Road area in Lakeland, […]

Man Pulls Gun On McDonald’s Drive-Thru Worker Because They Did Not Have McMuffins In Warren, Ohio

A McDonald’s worker said she had a gun pulled on her after telling a Warren, Ohio, fast food customer the restaurant did not have steak and egg McMuffins. The unknown man then allegedly hurled some vulgarities at the woman before driving away. The Warren, Ohio, McDonald’s drive-thru incident happened on Wednesday around 3:30 a.m. Warren […]

10-Year-Old Boy In Stolen Car Leads Ohio Police On High-Speed Chase [Video]

A 10-year-old boy from the Westlake, Ohio area led police on a high-speed chase along Interstate 90 on Thursday morning. The boy driving the 2004 Toyota Avalon raced and swerved down the Ohio highway through both Erie and Lorain counties while hitting speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. The chase lasted for more than […]

Heroin ‘Safe Spaces’ Created In New York So Addicts Can Shoot Up And Have Access To Narcan

Heroin addicts have been given “safe spaces,” or consumption rooms, which allows them to shoot up safely and have access to emergency medical care, like Narcan, if they overdose. The activities at the Corner Project in Washington Heights, New York have ignited a firestorm of controversy. Some consider the operators to be opioid enablers, while […]

Netflix ‘Secret’ Codes Revealed, Unlock Thousands Of Hidden Shows And Movies?

Netflix secret codes can allegedly help subscribers unlock dozens of subgenres and thousands of hidden television shows and movies. Various websites have curated lists of the secret codes that include Netflix URL links with specific ending numbers to garner access to certain genres and subgenres. The secret codes of Netflix lists includes both unique niche […]

Bowe Bergdahl Complains U.S. Treating Him Worse Than Taliban, Blames Trump [Video]

Bowe Bergdahl said he is being treated worse now that he is back home in the United States than he was during his years in captivity by the Taliban. The 31-year-old Army sergeant claims at least the Taliban was “honest.” Bergdahl’s comments during an interview with the Sunday Times of London ignited a firestorm of […]

Melissa Etheridge Arrested On Drug Charges At Canadian Border Crossing

Melissa Etheridge was all smiles in the mug shot taken after being arrested at the United States and Canadian border on drug possession charges. The 56-year-old singer was traveling in her tour bus when she was stopped in North Dakota by United States Custom and Border Patrol agents. K-9 units hit on possible drugs inside […]

Lovin’ Spoonful Musician Jerry Yester Arrested On 30 Child Porn Possession Charges

Lovin’ Spoonful musician Jerry Yester is facing 30 counts of child pornography possession charges. The 74-year-old piano and guitar player was arrested and booked into jail on Thursday by cyber crimes investigators in Arkansas. Jerry Yester and the rest of the Lovin’ Spoonful band members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame […]

Iowa Mom Left Four Children Home Alone To Take Planned 11-Day Vacation In Germany, Police Say

Iowa mom Erin Lee Macke left her four children home alone so she could take an 11-day international vacation in Germany, Polk County law enforcement investigators say. The 30-year-old Iowa mom has a set of 12-year-old twins and children that are six and seven years old, KWQC reports. The real-life Home Alone scenario ended on […]

California Cop Shoots Man Seven Times Outside 7-Eleven After Suspect Grabs Magazine [Video]

A Huntington Beach, California, police officer shot a man outside of a 7-Eleven store seven times on Friday morning. The suspect grabbed the officer’s gun magazine, according to police reports. A video of the Huntington Beach police officer firing seven rounds into the suspect quickly went viral after the shooting. The 7-Eleven suspect was transported […]

Brooklyn Baby Dies After Dad Leaves Him By Hot Shower Strapped In Stroller And Covered In Blanket

Mordechai Halpern, a 1-year-old baby from Brooklyn, died after his father put him in the bathroom next to a hot shower in his stroller and covered him with a blanket for several hours. The Kensington, New York baby allegedly woke up coughing around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday. His unidentified 27-year-old father reportedly gave him a […]

Walmart And Toys ‘R’ Us Reveal Hot Toys For Christmas 2017 List

Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us have just released their Christmas hot toys list for 2017. Both of the retailers are featuring a series of toys exclusive to their respective stores on the lists. Sluggish brick-and-mortar sales may have prompted both stores, along with rival Target, to the release of Christmas must have toys a lot […]

A 10-Year-Old New York Girl Was Beaten, Starved, And Drug Behind Car By Own Mother, Police Say

A 10-year-old Albion, New York girl was beaten, starved, and then drug behind a car by a rope, police investigators say. The unidentified girl’s mother, Leslieann Raeder, her boyfriend, his sister, and the sister’s boyfriend have been arrested for a series of child abuse crimes. The 10-year-old girl was tied to a car by a […]

Otis: Photo Of German Shepherd Carrying His Own Bag Of Dog Food After Texas Hurricane Goes Wildly Viral

Otis the German shepherd, carried his own bag of dog food away from the rising flood waters created by Hurricane Harvey. The photo of the Sinton, Texas dog that got loose when the hurricane hit the region on Friday evening has gone viral and captured the hearts of America. Salvador Segovia, 65, said Otis, his […]

MS-13: Sweeps In Southern Ohio District Lead To Many Arrests Of Suspected Members Of Brutal Immigrant Gang

MS-13 gang members now appear active, possibly embedded, far from states along the United States border with Mexico. The latest round of gang sweeps to net suspected members of the brutal Mara Salvatrucha resulted in 13 arrests in Ohio and Indiana, according to the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of the Buckeye State. “Before […]

Central Park Tree Falls On Mother Carrying Baby And Pushing Toddlers In Stroller [Video]

A massive Central Park tree fell on a woman as she attempted to shield her three small children from the branches. The unidentified 29-year-old woman was hit in the head and trapped under the thick branches of the tree in the popular New York City park. FDNY crews were called to Central Park West and […]

Mount Hood Tragedy: Two Teens Fall 150 Feet To Their Death While Hiking In Oregon

Two 19-year-old friends fell to their death while trying to climb Mount Hood in Oregon. Emma Place and Emily Lang fell 150 feet off the Pacific Trail Cliff on Saturday. Emily Lang and Emma Place were found lifeless at the base of a waterfall approximately six miles from the Mount Hood area Timberline Lodge. Portland […]

Lisa Theris: Student Found Naked But Alive After Going Missing In Alabama Wilderness For A Month

Lisa Theris went missing in the deep woods of Alabama for a month and was found alive over the weekend. The 25-year-old college student survived by eating only wild mushrooms and berries pulled from thorny branches in the dense forests around the town of Midland in Bullock County. Theris was lost in the thousands of […]

17 Illegal Immigrants Found Locked In Semi At Edinburg, Texas Gas Station

A total of 17 illegal immigrants were found locked inside an extremely hot semi-trailer parked at a convenience store in Edinburg, Texas. The illegal aliens had been locked inside the truck for at least eight hours before law enforcement officials found them on Sunday. The 17 illegal immigrants hailed from multiple countries, according to comments […]

West Virginia Woman Overdoses On Heroin And Crashes Into Police Cruiser Escorting Funeral Procession

A 44-year-old West Virginia woman overdosed after getting high on heroin and crashed into a police cruiser escorting a funeral procession. The unidentified woman ran through a red light and hit the Huntington law enforcement officer’s cruiser. The West Virginia police officer’s cruiser was struck by the woman in the midst of an overdose at […]

Mexico Seizes 10,000 Gallons Of Counterfeit Alcohol From Tourist Spots After American Woman’s Death

About 10,000 gallons of counterfeit alcohol was seized from Mexican resorts, nightclubs, and restaurants after Abbey Conner, a 20-year-old American woman, consumed tainted alcohol and drowned in a hotel pool after passing out. The Mexican government raided a total of 31 resorts in Playa del Carmen and Cancun over the weekend. The popular tourist establishments […]

Shark Bites Boy Swimming Off Hilton Head Island In South Carolina

A shark bit a boy swimming off Hilton Head Island in South Carolina over the weekend. Linton Suttle, a 13-year-old boy from North Carolina, was pushing his sister on a boogie board near Sea Pines Beach Club when he suddenly felt a sharp stabbing pain in his foot. “I thought maybe it was a seashell, […]

Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo Is Told By Trump America Is ‘1,000 Percent’ Behind The Territory

Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo received a phone call from President Donald Trump to discuss the threats made against the United States territory by North Korea. President Trump told Governor Calvo the United States is behind Guam “1,000 percent.” The strong tone President Trump took against North Korea that has been bashed by many political […]

Isaak Komisarchik, 82, Died While Being Stuck In Elevator For A Month In Denver

Isaak Komisarchik, 82, died while being stuck in an elevator for almost an entire month. The Denver senior citizen pushed the emergency button twice, but help never came. The elderly Denver man was only found after a repair technician happened to notice a foul smell coming from the elevator at the Woodstream Village apartment complex […]

Alabama School District’s Secession Plans In Gardendale Under Attack By NAACP

An Alabama school district’s secession plan has garnered a swift and unhappy response from the NAACP. The civil rights group issued a message directly to the majority white town of Gardendale after a federal judge approved the plan to splinter the racially diverse school. Gardendale took legal steps to secede from the Jefferson County, Alabama […]

First-Time Mom Who Accidentally Smothered Baby After Nurse Left Them Alone Sues Hospital For $8 Million

A first-time mom accidentally smothered her newborn son after a nurse put him in the hospital bed with her to breastfeed while she was “groggy” from her c-section and on two strong pain medications. The $8 million lawsuit was filed last week in Multnomah County Circuit Court. Monica Thompson, 42, was given Vicodin and Ambien […]

Baby Found Alive In Bushes Covered In Bugs With Umbilical Cord Still Attached In Houston

A baby girl with her umbilical cord still attached was found covered in bugs in the bushes at the Cypress Creek apartment complex in Houston. A resident at the Texas apartment complex found the crying baby around 5 a.m. in a flower bed behind some bushes. The Cypress Creek apartment complex resident heard the sound […]

Teen Dies After Fatal Injury During Sachem High School East Football Practice In Long Island

Sachem High School East fatal football accident update: Joshua Mileto was hit in the head when a 10-foot log that weighed several hundred pounds was being carried during a pre-season conditioning practice by the athlete and several other team members. The football practice fatality involving the 5-foot-6, 134-pound Farmingville, Long Island football player has been […]

Utah Dad Charged With Killing Girlfriend’s Disabled Daughter One Year After Marrying Her

Utah dad Jake Jensen killed his girlfriend’s disabled daughter then married the grieving mom a year later and had another baby with her, police say. Jake Jensen told Salt Lake City police officers that little Sophia had a seizure and died last January. The toddler suffered from cerebral palsy. The 29-year-old Utah dad has now […]

Ohio Cheerleader Pleads Not Guilty To Killing Her Baby And Burying Remains In Backyard

Ohio cheerleader Brooke Skylar Richardson has pleaded not guilty to killing her baby and burying the infant’s remains in her own backyard. The teen mom has been charged with gross abuse of a corpse, aggravated murder, tampering with evidence, and child endangerment. Brooke Richardson, 18, claims she is not guilty on all charges. The baby’s […]

Two Boy Scouts Killed In Texas During Troop 620 Boating Trip

Two Boy Scouts were killed during a troop boating trip on an East Texas lake on Saturday. One Boy Scout Troop 620 member was also injured during the fatal boat accident and remains hospitalized. The Boy Scouts were boating on Lake O’ the Pines near Avinger, Texas, over the weekend when tragedy struck. According to […]

Sea Lice Chew Swimming Teen’s Leg In Australia, Leaving Him Riddled With Hundreds Of Wounds

Sea lice are being blamed for the bloody attack on a teen swimmer’s legs in Brighton, Australia – a suburb of Melbourne. Sam Kanizay, 16, left his Melbourne home for some fun at the beach in Brighton on Saturday after spending the earlier part of the day at his soccer game. After being submerged in […]

Swineapple Craze Takes Over The Internet: Pork Stuffed Pineapple Wrapped In Bacon Recipe

“Swineapple” is taking the internet and BBQ fans all across America by storm. The new dish is comprised of exactly what it sounds like, pineapple and pork. A pineapple is stuffed with pork and then wrapped with bacon and various seasonings. Tropical fruits have long been a staple on the grill during the summertime, as […]

Florida Businessman Adopted Filipino Girl For Sex, Police Say

Florida businessman Andrew William Bosch adopted a 12-year-old Filipino girl for the purpose of sex, Orlando police say. The married 42-year-old man allegedly sexually abused the little girl for several years. Andrew Bosch is accused of enticing the girl to America and then taking her out of the foster care system. Bosch’s now ex-wife, Melody […]

Canada Communications Outage: Cell Service, Internet, And Some 911 Landline Service Down

A communication outage in Atlantic Canada has taken out cellphone, landlines, and internet access. Both Telus and Bell customers have been impacted throughout eastern Canada since this morning. What caused the massive communications outage in Canada remains unknown. A tweet by Telus published earlier today indicates technicians are attempting to discover the “root cause” of […]

Virginia Man Held Girlfriend And Children Captive In Home For At Least Two Years, Police Say

Virginia man Kariem Ali Muhammad Moore kept his girlfriend and two children captive inside their home for more than two years, Spotsylvania law enforcement officials say. The 43-year-old man allegedly had not allowed his 32-year-old girlfriend and the two elementary age children go to school or even venture outdoors. Kariem Ali Muhammad Moore’s unidentified 32-year-old […]

‘Charlotte’s Web’: E.B. White’s Farmhouse That Inspired The Classic Being Sold For $3.7 Million

The farmhouse and barn that inspired Charlotte’s Web is being sold for $3.7 million. E.B. White, the author of the classic children’s book, lived in the North Brooklin, Maine, house until his death. The author’s farmhouse was purchased by Robert and Mary Gallant, who recently listed their beloved estate for sale. Wilbur the pig is […]

Mom Gets Rare Flesh-Eating Bacterial Infection After Dipping Her Feet In Water At Myrtle Beach?

Bonita Fetterman is fighting for her life after simply dipping her feet into the ocean at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, according to her daughter. The mom was airlifted for emergency surgery after contracting both a rare and deadly flesh-eating infection, possibly in the Atlantic Ocean. Fetterman was staying at a Myrtle Beach vacation resort with […]

Danielle Bregoli: ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Gets Five Years Probation For Grand Theft Auto And Other Charges

Danielle Bregoli, the “cash me ousside girl,” pleaded guilty to a whole host of charges pending against her in Florida earlier today. The 14-year-old girl became a household name after her infamous appearance on the Dr. Phil show last year. Bregoli was charged with grand theft auto, marijuana possession, and filing a false police report. […]

Aramazd Andressian: California Dad Who Cracked Jokes During Hearing For Son’s Murder Case Pleads Guilty

Aramazd Andressian Sr. pleaded guilty to the murder of his own son earlier today during a court appearance. The California dad made international headlines when laughing and telling jokes during his earlier extradition hearing. Andressian Sr., 35, admitted to killing Aramazd Andressian Jr., his 5-year-old son. Ana Estevez, the boy’s mother, was divorcing Andressian Sr. […]

Tattoo Artist Kills Indiana Cop Trying To Save Him From Car Crash, Police Say

A “timid” tattoo artist shot and killed a Southport, Indiana police officer who was trying to untangle his body from the wreckage of a car crash, law enforcement officials say. Southport is a suburb of Indianapolis. Jason Brown, 28, was involved in a single-car crash where the vehicle overturned on Thursday. Lt. Aaron Allan, 38, […]

Huge Shark Gets Stuck On Deck Of Long Island Fishing Boat After Flipping Out Of Water [Video]

A large shark jumped out of the water and landed on the deck of a fishing boat in Long Island, New York. The entire incident was captured on a cell phone video and has gone viral. The shark frantically tried to free itself from the deck of the Outlaw Fishing Charters boat, succeeding in only […]

Girlfriend Of California Teen Killed By Sister In Livestreamed Car Crash Blames Social Media [Video]

The girlfriend of the 14-year-old Stockton, California girl killed in livestreamed car crash is blaming not the victim’s sister who was behind the wheel, but social media, for Jacqueline Sanchez’s death. Manuela Seja, also 14, was in the car when the crash was captured on livestream video on a Los Banos area road. Although she […]

Mount Pleasant, Racine County Area Teen Girl Found Dead After Disappearing In Wisconsin

After searching for missing 17-year-old Olivia M. Mackay for several days in the rural Racine County area of Wisconsin, police officers announced the tragic end to their investigation when the remains of the Kenosha teen were discovered. Early Monday afternoon, law enforcement officers in Mount Pleasant were called to the 11,000 block of Louis Sorenson […]

Ohio Cheerleader Killed Newborn And Buried Baby’s Body In Her Backyard, Police Say

Ohio cheerleader Brooke Skylar Richardson, 18, is accused of killing her newborn and burying the baby’s body in the backyard of her Warren County home in Carlisle. The remains from the baby were found buried in the cheerleader’s backyard in the Dayton area last week. Warren County Sheriff Deputy Brandi Carter indicated Brooke Richardson “recklessly” […]

Hawaii Prepping ‘Cold War’ Style For Nuclear Attack By North Korea, Doomsday Clock Moves Once Again

Hawaii is preparing for a possible nuclear attack by North Korea using some Cold War-style evacuation drills for schools and other facilities around the island state. The Hawaiian Emergency Management Agency launched the nuclear war preparedness campaign and evacuation drills in an effort to ready citizens for a nuclear missile attack by North Korea. When […]

Elephant Washed Out To Sea Rescued By Navy [Video]

An elephant mysteriously washed out to sea and had to be rescued by the Sri Lankan Navy. The massive creature was spotted struggling against the ocean waves about five miles from shore. The Navy of Sri Lanka diligently worked for 12 hours to rescue the elephant attempting to keep its head and trunk above water […]