Tesla Under Fire In Fatal Crash As Company Says Brakes At Fault In Accident

Tesla is under fire after one of their S models was used in self-driving mode and then resulted in a fatal crash. Engineers appeared before a Senate committee that was probing the fatal crash. Mercury News reported that the Tesla engineers who appeared before the committee had two main theories as to why the vehicle […]

Weight Loss Diets: What Is The Most Effective? Here’s What Scientists Say

Finding the right weight loss diet isn’t easy. For those who have Googled “best weight loss diet,” the search engine returns over 11 million results. Since losing weight is no easy task, it’s hard to determine the best course of action to lose weight and keep it off for good. US News & World Report […]

Lexus Updates Top Products, Adds New Options To Its Offerings, While Dealers Test Non Negotiable Pricing

While Lexus has been busy adding regular updates to the cars in its current product line, their goal has also been to add new models to compete with their German rivals. One new feature is that dealers will test non-negotiable pricing with customers. Automotive News reported that Lexus will be moving to the Toyota New […]

Hyundai Prepares For Next Generation Fuel Cell, As Details Emerge About New 2018 CUV

Hyundai is making major changes to its technology with the roll out of its next generation fuel cell. The car maker also plans to release a new CUV in 2018, and new details are emerging about this latest addition to the Hyundai offerings. Auto News reported that Hyundai plans to roll out its next generation […]

Honda Redesigns Three Of Its Core Models As 2018 Honda Accord Raises The Bar

As Honda raises the bar on its future model of the Accord, set for release in 2018, the company also plans to redesign three of its core models. The future releases will include models that are greener and more turbocharged. Automotive News reported that Honda is preparing for 2017, and the next twelve months for […]

Fiat Chrysler Inflated Sales Numbers, Leads To Class Action Lawsuit By Shareholders

Fiat Chrysler is struggling as it was recently revealed that the car maker inflated its sales numbers and claimed thousands of car sales that never happened. A class action lawsuit by the shareholders in now taking place as Fiat Chrysler plans to stop making small cars to focus on making Jeeps and Rams. Jalopnik reported […]

BMW’s M5 Pure Metal Silver Edition Unveiled, Now Available For Purchase

BMW is beginning to unveil its latest editions, and its M5 pure Silver Metal Edition has not only been unveiled, but it’s now available for purchase as well. The company also released its Competition Edition, giving drivers a choice of either the Silver Limited Edition or a choice of black and white for the Competition […]

Audi CEO Says Carmaker Wants To Release Three New Electric Models By 2020

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said that Audi wants to release three new electric models by 2020. The car maker also wants electric models to account for about one-third of its sales by 2025. Just Auto reported that the Audi chief wanted to include A-segment vehicles in their offerings. An A-segment vehicle is a classification of […]

Is The 2017 Corvette Grand Sport The Best Corvette Ever? Cooling Problems Solved

As automakers continue to debut their lineups for 2017, Chevrolet rolled out its 2017 Corvette Grand Sport. The latest edition promises to fix the cooling system problems previous versions had while offering all the goodies in a sports car that drivers crave. ARS Technica reported that the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport is the best Corvette […]

Acura TLX Now Available Through Dealers, But How Does It Compare To The Honda Accord?

Acura premiered its latest version of its TLX model, and the vehicle is now available through dealerships. It has been compared to the Honda Accord, and many buyers who are looking for a new car may wonder how it stacks up. Which is the better choice? Edmunds reported that the 2017 Acura TLX is now […]

Ferrari Wants To Bring Brawn Back To Formula One While Ferrari Technical Chief May Exit

Ferrari continues to struggle in Formula One racing as they considered bringing back Ross Brawn to the track after suffering multiple losses on the track. As Ferrari continues to struggle, the technical chief James Allison is considering leaving after suffering the devastating loss of his wife in March to meningitis. Formula Spy reported that Ferrari […]

Dodge Viper Promises To Go Out With A Bang With The Release Of 2017 Models

Production of the Dodge Viper ends in 2017. The last Vipers will be released after 25 years of production. Releasing the 2017 models will be the end of the Dodge Viper, and it promises to be a great year for the car makers as they release special editions to please their fans. Motor Authority reported […]

PTSD: Ignorance And Rushed Claims Open The Door To Fraud And Veteran Suicide

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a common problem in the veterans’ community. The reason, of course, is obvious: veterans are the only ones that go to war. The real problem with PTSD in the veterans’ community though is that so many veterans think that the only way to get PTSD is to go to […]

Dodge Challenger Named Best In Class 2016 Ideal Vehicle Awards, New Model Due In 2019

Ideal Vehicle Awards has awarded the 2016 Dodge Challenger the “Most Ideal Sporty Car” for the fourth year in a row. The award is given based on a survey of vehicle owners to determine what changes need to be made to the respective vehicle. PR Newswire reported that a national survey was conducted among vehicle […]

Chevrolet Corvette Promises Big Surprise On Horsepower, Solution To Cooling Problems

Although few details are available, the Chevrolet Corvette promises some big changes. GM is planning to upgrade the powertrain, and a faster, 700 horsepower (HP) engine is in the works. Chevrolet is coming out with a new model soon, but the faster engine won’t be available until 2018 or 2019. The latest rumors say that […]

Jaguar Land Rover: What Does The Future Hold For Carmaker? Is Brexit Good Or Bad?

Jaguar is facing some new challenges with the arrival of Brexit. The Jaguar Land Rover is responsible for 90 percent of the car maker’s valuation, and Brexit could either be good or bad. The car maker will be purchasing V8 engines from BMW, and Jaguar will be rolling out some new technologies for its brand. […]

Ford Mustang Vs. Chevrolet Camaro: Who Reigns Supreme And Who Wants A Special Edition?

Although the Chevrolet Camaro is often rated higher above the Ford Mustang in terms of performance, the Ford Mustang is still considered to reign supreme. The reason is that it continues to outsell the Camaro, and it is the best selling sports coupe worldwide. NSEAVoice reported that the latest Ford Mustang comes equipped with a […]

Bugatti Chiron: Does It Live Up To The Hype Of Being The Fastest, Best Production Car Ever?

The Bugatti Chiron, the latest effort from Bugatti, is a massive feat of engineering. Its goal is to be the fastest, best production car on the road. The question is, does it live up to the hype? CNET’s Road Show reported that the Bugatti Chiron is a complete package in a gorgeous shell. It is […]

Aston Martin And Red Bull Racing Unleash The Hypercar AM-RB 001

Earlier this year Aston Martin teamed with Red Bull Racing and promised to deliver the ultimate hypercar. The company released the AM-RB 001. Based on its design and performance, as well as technical wizardry, it has been elevated to the level of hypercar. The Australian reported that the Aston Martin AM-RB 001 offers speed and […]

Black Economic Empowerment In South Africa Unconstitutional And Discriminatory, Benefits Few

The South African government instituted new rules for Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). The purpose of the regulations was to help black South Africans empower themselves in the workplace and economy. The problem with programs like BEE is that they’re discriminatory, unconstitutional, and they don’t empower people to succeed on a level playing field where everyone […]

South Africa’s Farmers Continue To Struggle As Drought Continues, Farm Attacks Increase

As the worst drought in 35 years continues in Southern Africa, South African farmers are struggling. With the droughts, farm murders, and farm attacks, some farmers are considering selling their farms because they can’t access the funds they need to continue to operate. The Times Live reported that South Africa has been hit with a […]

Weight Loss Impacted By Sleep Say Researchers From Harvard School of Public Health

Science has known for a long time that the amount of sleep that dieters get impacts weight loss. Getting the right amount of sleep can help dieters lose weight more easily. So how much sleep can help dieters lose weight? The Observer reported that the importance of sleep is that it sorts through all of […]

What Does Stolen Valor’s Definition Mean In The U.S. Veteran’s Community? Honorably Discharged Veterans Are Often Harmed By Other Veterans

Stolen valor, like post-traumatic stress, is one of the most misunderstood issues in the U.S. veterans’ community. Sadly, the result is that many veterans like me have been targeted online by others claiming to be veterans with the intent of destroying our credibility, silencing us during a debate or some other malicious intent unknown to […]

Milo Yiannopoulos In Talks For Reality TV Show, Says He Doesn’t Need Twitter After Suspension

Controversial gay conservative blogger Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter after he was involved in a Twitter war with actress Leslie Jones. Jones claimed that Yiannopoulos made racist comments against her after he wrote a review panning her new movie, Ghostbusters. Yiannopoulos has now been permanently banned from Twitter, but he’s moving on. Vox reported […]

Southern Africa’s Drought Continues As UN Calls For Billions To Help Feed The Starving

As Southern Africa suffers the worst drought in 35 years, the United Nations has called for $204 million in money for food to provide relief. They are asking for money for seven countries. Those include Lesotho, Madagascar, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. Both South Africa and Botswana have been omitted from the list, even […]

Mandela Day Ignores Grave Issues South Africans Face, Including Farm Murders, White Genocide, And Weak Economy

As South Africans celebrated Nelson Mandela Day, the country’s most serious issues were pushed aside for the holiday. Little has been done to address some of the most serious issues that South Africa is facing now, including farm murders, white genocide, human trafficking, and terrorism. In spite of recent threats of terrorism, South Africans celebrated […]

Weight Loss Can Be Achieved With Surgery, Doesn’t Deal With Insecurity Issues

Losing weight can make dieters look better and improve their health, but they may not necessarily feel better about the way they look. A change in weight doesn’t necessarily mean a change in way dieters see themselves. To lose the weight and keep it off for good, it requires a change in body perception. Elite […]

Media Violence Study: Pediatricians Say Parents Should Limit Kids’ Exposure To Media

A pediatrician’s group has recommended that parents limit their children’s exposure to media violence. The media violence study was released in response to the routine violence that children are exposed to on a routine basis. WBRC reported that the new policy statement came from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The Academy called for pediatricians […]

Paul McCartney Takes The Stage And Steals The Show With Rob Gronkowski At Fenway Park [Video]

Paul McCartney took to the stage at Fenway Park for a concert. He also had a jam session with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and Grateful Dead legend Bob Weir. Fans were treated to watching Gronkowski as he played the air guitar alongside McCartney. Billboard reported that the three took the stage together […]

Juno Spacecraft Brings Excitement For Researchers As NASA Concerned Over Possible Crash Into Europa

The Juno Spacecraft completed its five-year journey to reach Jupiter on July 4, 2016. It made its first journey around Jupiter this week, and researchers are excited about the science the spacecraft may reveal. NASA is concerned about the possibility that Juno may crash into Jupiter’s moon, Europa, before completing its mission. Space Flight Now […]

Reservists Called Up In France As Wounded Fight For Life After Bastille Terror Attack

Reservists in France have been called up after the Bastille Attack in Nice. The 12,000 police reservists will help to boost the security presence after more than 80 people were killed after the attack. The BBC reported that Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve made an appeal for all those who were willing to sign up as […]

Adblock Plus Agrees With Hubspot Survey On How To Solve The Ad Blocking Dilemma

Adblock Plus announced a survey that they conducted with marketing site Hubspot. The survey revealed how internet surfers want to handle ad blocking in the future. Business Wire reported that Adblock Plus teamed with Hubspot to conduct the survey that was released as a 31-page report. The results of the survey explained how internet surfers […]

‘Rogue One’ Comes To ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ As The Final Expansion Pack

As Star Wars: Rogue One has completed filming, the next addition to the Star Wars universe is an expansion pack to the game Battlefront. Although the original game comes from the original trilogy, there are four expansion packs that will be added to the game. The Verge reported that the announcement was made about the […]

Weight Loss Study Says Losing Weight Reduces Proteins Associated With Cancer

Weight loss has a major impact on many diseases including cancer and diabetes. In the latest weight loss study, losing weight helps reduce the proteins associated with cancer. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News reported that the new weight loss study came from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington. What the new study […]

Darth Vader Is Back As Latest ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Movie Trailer Clip Details Released [Video]

Filming has wrapped on Star Wars: Rogue One. A clip from a possible second trailer, which shows a shot of Darth Vader and his trademark breathing at the end, was shown at the Star Wars Celebration in London. The BBC reported that the latest trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One revealed a long awaited shot […]

Star Wars Episode VIII Promises More Luke Skywalker As Mark Hamill Appears At London Celebration

As Star Wars Episode VIII wrapped its filming, Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill appeared at the Star Wars Celebration Europe at London’s ExCel Center to kick off the event. He spoke about the latest installment in the Star Wars saga although he gave little detail on the what the plot of the movie will actually […]

Windows 10 Offers New Features As Anniversary Approaches, Promises Global Rollout

With the global rollout of the anniversary edition of Windows 10 less than two weeks away, major changes continue to occur with the operating system. It includes everything from a monthly charge for those who decide to upgrade after the deadline, to a global rollout and the addition of features to Windows 10. Tech Republic […]

Tomi Lahren Blames Barack Obama And Attorney Generals For Inciting Violence In Dallas

Conservative anchor Tomi Lahren is once again under fire for her comments made about the shooting of police in Dallas, Texas. Lahren blamed President Barack Obama and two black attorney generals for inciting the violence in Dallas that led to the deaths of five police officers while wounding seven more. Heatstreet reported that Lahren is […]

Jennifer Aniston Pens Powerful Essay On Womens’ Body Images And Worth

Actress Jennifer Aniston penned a powerful essay where she dispelled myths that she is pregnant. She took the time to touch on the frustration that most women often feel, that their body images and worth in society is based upon those images and roles. Aniston made it clear that women are complete, regardless of whether […]

Linkedin, The Web’s Most Popular Site For Job Search, Haven For Scammers Targeting Job Hunters

Linkedin overtook Craigslist to become the most popular job site online. Along with it came the scams. Criminals are using the site for everything from job to phishing scams. WAAY reported that the latest scam on Linkedin involves a job scam. Sharlann Houston, a Linkedin user, went to the site to look for work. She […]

Amazon Prime Day Promises Lots Of Deals As Well As Lots Of Hype

For weeks, Amazon has been announcing Amazon Prime Day, which is the largest shopping event that the site has ever offered. Does this big shopping day live up to all the hype? NBC News reported the best shopping deals that Amazon Prime had to offer. Amazon said that it was better prepared this year than […]

Adblock Plus Offers Its First Viewing Of Micropayments System, Whitelists Ads

Adblock Plus offered the first viewing of its micropayments system. What’s not immediately apparent though is how the site plans to fund the system. The company has been less than public about how the system will be funded. Real-Time Daily reported that Adblock Plus hasn’t named the source of the funding for the system. It […]

South Africa Charges Four As Twins Suspected Of Planning Terrorist Attack Credited To ISIS

A pair of twins in South Africa has been charged with trying to join ISIS and planning a terrorist attack against the American Embassy. The pair of brothers were caught while trying to catch a flight to Syria. The New York Times reported that the twins were arrested with two other people after investigators from […]

Star Wars Exclusives From Comic-Con Includes Actions Figures And Socks, Lego Game Same As Others

As the Star Wars franchise continues to earn billions of dollars worldwide, Comic-Con in San Diego offers exclusive collectibles for fans while critics weigh in on the latest Lego Star Wars game. Just as the movie, The Force Awakens, promised new additions and old favorites, the game hearkens back to the original Star Wars: A […]

Weight Loss Surgery May Help Reverse Premature Aging In Obese Patients While Improving Quality Of Life

Weight loss is an issue that many Americans struggle with, and there may seem to be few options to losing weight for good. For those who have tried everything else and nothing seems to work, surgery may be the option. Surgery can improve the person’s life, lead to a longer and higher quality of life, […]

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Offers New Security Features And Final Nag Screen For Upgrades

As Microsoft prepares to release its anniversary edition of Windows 10 at the end of the month, new features have been added that will make the operating system more secure. It also comes with a nag screen for those who haven’t upgraded their systems yet to remind users to upgrade and also that the upgrade […]

Immigration Policy May Become Barack Obama’s Epic Failure As President

As the gun control debate heats up in America, immigration and crime are also hot buttons too. President Barack Obama has committed to keeping illegal immigrants in America and even ending deportations of criminals out of respect for the countries these criminals belong to. Although Obama says that his measures are to keep families together, […]

Google Doodle Shows Juno Reaching Jupiter While Their Deepmind May Lead To Disease Detection

Google released a doodle of the space probe Juno shortly after it reached Jupiter. It showed NASA employees jumping for joy. Google has previously used the doodles to commemorate various occasions, and they can be found on the front page of the site. USA Today reported that the doodle celebrates the NASA Juno spacecraft finally […]

Noel Neill 1920-2016: First Lois Lane Who Starred In ‘Adventures of Superman’ Passes Away

Noel Neill, 1920-2016, was the first actress to star as Lois Lane on the big screen. She also portrayed the part of Lois Lane in the series The Adventures of Superman. She died on July 3 at the age of 95. The Daily Mail reported that Noel Neill first starred as Lois Lane in 1948. […]

Farm Attacks In South Africa Increase As Farms Become More Dangerous, ANC Loses Support

With investment downgrades looming in the near future for South Africa, uncertainty has increased. The failure of the African National Congress (ANC) led government to deal effectively with farm attacks and murders has also contributed to the uncertainty. Farming in South Africa has become the most dangerous occupation in the world, and the government has […]