Marijuana-Induced Psychosis Blamed For Delta Airlines Flight Brawl Where Joseph Hudek Tried To Open Plane Door

A Florida man is trying to blame reefer madness for his actions on a Delta Airlines flight from Seattle to Beijing, China. The FBI said in a statement that 24-year-old Joseph Daniel Hudek IV of Tampa ate several marijuana candies and then started brawling with the Delta crew and other passengers. Hudek’s defense attorney, Robert […]

Bionic Man Tests World’s First Mind-Controlled Artificial Arm, Johnny Metheny Like ‘Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker

Johnny Metheny may not be the world’s first bionic man, but he is the very first person to test out an artificial limb that is completely controlled by the human brain. The Modular Prosthetic Limb is a cutting-edge bionic arm funded in part by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). This bionic arm resembles […]

Electronic Cigarette Explodes And Kills Vaping Florida Man, Tallmadge D’Elia Died From A Vape Pen To The Brain

The argument over whether or not electronic cigarettes are dangerous just took a weird turn. An autopsy has confirmed that Florida man Tallmadge D’Elia may have been the very first death caused by an exploding vape pen. According to TMJ4, authorities began investigating the circumstances surrounding the Florida man’s death after he was found dead […]

Stan Lee Lawsuit Demands $1 Billion, Black Panther Creator Says POW! ‘Hijacked’ His Twitter And Facebook

Stan Lee, co-creator of Spider-Man, X-Men, and Black Panther, lives in a world of heroes and villains, but now he is claiming his former company, POW! Entertainment, has become a villain itself. The Marvel comics legend is filing a $1 billion lawsuit against the company he helped co-found back in 2001 with Shane Duffy and […]

Pauley Perrette & ‘NCIS’ Network CBS Trade Responses On ‘Multiple Assaults,’ ‘Workplace Concern’

Over the weekend, Pauley Perrette took to Twitter to explain she was leaving the NCIS TV show after 16 years on the hit drama. She claims to have been physically assaulted multiple times on the NCIS set and she claims that the showrunners are feeding the media false stories in hopes of keeping her quiet. […]

2020 Election: Trump’s Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski, Joins Mike Pence’s Political Action Committee

Donald Trump’s campaign manager from the 2016 elections is gearing up for the 2020 election already. Corey Lewandowski, who helped Trump win the Republican nomination in the primaries, is reportedly joining Vice President Mike Pence’s political action committee called Great America Committee. This new position will put Lewandowski in the 2020 reelection campaign and will […]

Mitt Romney Calls Robert Jeffress A ‘Religious Bigot’ For Praying Over Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy In Israel

Pastor Robert Jeffress is a known supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump and he was chosen to speak at a ceremony celebrating the opening of the United States’ Jerusalem embassy in Israel. The move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem fulfilled one of Trump’s promises but has been very controversial, sparking riots […]

Shocking Photo Of Tom Hardy Completely Bald For New Role Will Have You Doing A Double Take

Actors will often make drastic changes to their appearance in order to fit a role for a character in a movie. Tom Hardy is no different, but the way he is appearing as Al Capone in the upcoming movie Fonzo may have some wondering if someone ordered up the wrong haircut from the film set […]

2018 Hurricane Season Predictions Forecast Early Start If Tropical Storm Alberto Forms Near Florida Caribbean

Hurricane season 2018 predictions are already beginning to form swiftly, even as a storm system is starting to develop off the coast of Florida. Dubbed Invest 90L by the National Hurricane Center, the computer models give the storm system a 40 percent of becoming a tropical cyclone called Tropical Storm Alberto in the coming week, […]

Sarah Palin: Julian Assange ‘All About Freedom,’ Pamela Anderson Hopes Kanye West Can Free WikiLeaks Leader

Former Republican VP nominee to John McCain Sarah Palin praised WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange for being a champion of freedom even though she once called for his arrest. The WikiLeaks leader is currently stuck inside Ecuador’s embassy in London without having access to even a phone, so many celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, are coming out in […]

Gabrielle Union’s Rape At Gunpoint Caused Her PTSD, But In 2018 She Says ‘PTSD Isn’t A Death Sentence’

Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union has been opening up about being sexually assaulted at the young age of 19. The traumatic experience caused her to have PTSD, so Union is sharing her personal story as part of celebrating the 2018 National Mental Health Awareness Month. Union’s rape was first revealed last year when she released the […]

‘Rick And Morty’ Season 5 Confirmed By Adult Swim? Dan Harmon Talks ‘Rick And Morty’ Season 4 In New Interview

Rick And Morty Season 5 has seemingly been confirmed based on the announcement that Adult Swim has renewed Rick And Morty for a huge number of episodes. In fact, the fan-favorite TV show is receiving so much love that there may be enough episodes for Rick And Morty Season 6, Season 7, Season 8 and […]

Boston Dynamics Has Created A Robot Named Atlas That Can Run And Jump Like Humans

A video of the Boston Dynamics robot Atlas is amazing the world largely because it is capable of running and jumping just like a human. The robot may be missing a head, but that does not prevent the four-limbed robotic marvel from going for a jog or jumping over a log. It’s so amazing that […]

AT&T CEO: ‘Hiring Michael Cohen As A Political Consultant Was A Big Mistake’

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson now believes that hiring Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, was a “serious misjudgment.” The industry giant admitted to paying $600,000 to Cohen via Essential Consultants, a shell company Cohen created earlier to generate the payoff for adult film star Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels. AT&T hired Cohen to provide “insights” into […]

Cop-Killer Anthony Bottom Up For Parole, Victim’s Family, Local Politicians, And NYPD Police Union Outraged

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association of the City of New York, local politicians, and the family of slain New York City Police Department Officer Joseph Piagentini have all expressed outrage over the news that cop-killer Anthony Bottom is up for parole in June, 2018. Mr. Bottom, Herman Bell, and Albert Washington ambushed and murdered Officers Waverly […]

Tommy And Kiko: Chimps Don’t Have Human Rights Or Personhood Rules Court, Chimpanzee To Stay Locked In Cages

The quest by Nonhuman Rights Project to free the chimpanzees Tommy and Kiko from caged confinement has reached an end. The organization had hoped to secure the animals the same legal status as humans so that the chimps could be moved to an animal sanctuary. But the New York Court of Appeals voted to let […]

Donald Trump Ends Iran Deal: Lawsuit Over Barack Obama’s ‘Secret’ $400 Million, U.S. Treasury Sanctions Begin

The repercussions of U.S. Donald Trump ending the Iran deal are just beginning to be felt. The U.S. Treasury has just announced that they are reimposing Iran sanctions. Meanwhile, an American watchdog group is demanding that the U.S. Treasury Department divulge information about the $400 million that was given to the regime under former U.S. […]

Net Neutrality Ends June 11, FCC Says – Did Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Take AT&T Money To Influence U.S. Law?

The end of the Obama-era Net Neutrality rules is happening on June 11, 2018, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the organization’s chairman Ajit Pai. The timing of the announcement happens to coincide with reports that AT&T admitted that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, was paid between $200,000 and $600,000 by AT&T to […]

Krystle Lee Anderson: Legless Florida Woman Running From Cops Caught Stuffed Into Plastic Bin

Florida man John Robert Carr Jr., 48, faces a resisting arrest charge for attempting to hide his girlfriend, Florida woman Krystle Lee Anderson, from law enforcement in a plastic storage container. Four-foot-tall Anderson was missing both of her legs, but the legless woman was doing her best to hide when Polk County deputies and the […]

Sean Condell: Florida Man Avoids Death Penalty For Killing Mother, Son Execution-Style At Spider-Man Party

The sentencing of Sean Condell finally took place over a decade later. Despite originally facing the death penalty, the Florida man was sentenced to life in prison for murdering Carla Queely and her seven-year-old son Chaquone execution-style at his Spider-Man themed birthday party. The mass shooting took place in October 2006. Condell and four others […]

Matt Lauer ‘Engaged In Sexual Activity’ Says Investigation, But Will His Wife Annette Roque File For Divorce?

Matt Lauer’s wife, Annette Roque, is allegedly now preparing for divorce, and Matt’s latest admission will probably only throw more fuel onto the fire. The fired Today Show anchor has admitted to performing “sexual activity” with an NBC intern, and an investigation has concluded that he was engaged in “inappropriate sexual behavior” with three other […]

Jennifer Sue Sunday: Florida Woman Calls 911 For Beer, Police Arrest Her For Misusing The Emergency System

Jennifer Sue Sunday (also known as Jennifer Sue Roberts) just became infamous as the Florida woman who called 911 to get a beer. The 54-year-old woman faces criminal charges after deputies from Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office say she placed two 911 calls from her St. Petersburg home earlier in May 2018 to report a medical […]

‘Tiger And Bunny’ Movie A Live-Action Hollywood Reboot – Where Is The Anime ‘Tiger & Bunny’ Season 2?

Bandai Namco Pictures has officially announced that the live-action Hollywood adaptation of anime studio Sunrise’s Tiger & Bunny will be produced through a partnership with Global Road Entertainment and Weed Road Pictures. The live-action Tiger And Bunny movie script is being written by Ellen Shanman and produced by Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and […]

Kentucky Judge Timothy Nolan: Trump Campaign Manager, GOP Tea Party Supporter Guilty Of Sex Trafficking Youth

Former Kentucky judge Timothy Nolan (also known as Tim Nolan) was sentenced to 20 years in prison based on the human trafficking charges that he plead guilty to earlier in February 2018. The 71-year-old man originally faced more than 100 years for the 28 felony charges he faced. Court records stated that Nolan “used money, […]

‘Darling In The FranXX’ Episode 16 Death Flags Confirmed By New Interview – Will Zero-Two Survive The Ending?

Darling In The FranXX Episode 16 has anime fans worried about which characters will survive to the ending of the story. The anime now has a new opening animation and while most of Episode 16 was focused on slice-of-life antics, there were some notable death flags. After all, this is a mecha anime so it […]

‘Re:ZERO’ English Dub Episode 1 On Funimation Is Streaming – Is ‘Re:ZERO’ Season 2 Likely Based On The Novels?

The unbearable wait for the Re:ZERO Season 2 release date just got a little less grim now that Episode 1 of the Re:ZERO English dub has started streaming on Funimation Now. The plan is to release episodes a little at a time, with the first cour of Re:ZERO Starting Life in Another World (Re:ZERO kara […]

Jorge Porto-Sierra: Florida Man Arrested For Trying To Barbecue Child Molesters To Death By Gasoline And Fire

Osceola County police officers arrested a Florida man after it was discovered that he attempted to barbecue sex offenders to death. Jorge Porto-Sierra, 50, confessed to investigators that he had attempted to kill several people who were at a motel in Kissimmee. The Florida man allegedly told police officers he traveled to the Friendly Village […]

Luis Javier Ruiz: Pulse Shooting Survivor Stopped Being Gay, Yet Calls Gay Conversion Therapy ‘Fake News’

Luis Javier Ruiz is one of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting spree survivors. In the terrorist attack that targeted a gay nightclub, Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 others. Ruiz recently said on Facebook that he was going through old pictures of that night and he believes, “I should have been number 50.” […]

Twitter Password Change Likely Due To NSA Spying Leak, Claims Kim Dotcom – Twitter Class Action Lawsuit Begins

Allegations concerning Twitter NSA spying are starting to pick up after the Twitter password leak shocked the world. The “bug” forcing the massive Twitter password change caught many people by surprise because the passwords of around 330 million Twitter users were being stored openly without being encrypted. Tech experts were especially stunned since it seemed […]

Dubai Princess Sheikha Latifa Al-Maktoum ‘Missing’ After Escaping UAE – Royal Claims She Was Tortured [Video]

Dubai Princess Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum II is reported to be “missing” after she attempted to flee the UAE (United Arab Emirates) two months ago on a luxury yacht. Sheikha Latifa was allegedly kidnapped by armed men after running to the United States to seek political asylum. Now, human rights groups are […]

‘Free!’ Season 3 Anime Trailer, Key Visual, Cast Released Showing ‘Free! Dive To The Future’ Characters

A new Free! Season 3 anime trailer preview video and key visual have been released ahead of the upcoming Free! Season 3 release date. The third season of the series is being called Free! Dive To The Future, and it will be the sequel to the movie Free! Take Your Marks! movie that was released […]

‘Beetlejuice 2’ Release Date: 2018 Movie Poster Claims Micheal Keaton, Winona Ryder Cast In Sequel [Hoax]

The prospect of watching Beetlejuice 2 in movie theaters is on the collective brain of fans now that the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s original movie rolled around on March 30, 2018. There is fan art being created about the “Ghost with the most,” and many fans hope that Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder could […]

Kim Dotcom: Twitter Password Hack ‘Deliberate’ So U.S. Government NSA Spying Can Access Unencrypted Passwords

Earlier this week, Twitter officially announced that a Twitter password hack was possible and the company was recommending that all users changed their Twitter passwords immediately. The social network claimed that a Twitter password “bug” was responsible for storing all user passwords in plain text. However, political activist Kim Dotcom believes there is much more […]

Joel C. Rosenberg: Christian Evangelicals Should Feel ‘Sad’ Over Donald Trump’s Affair With Stormy Daniels

The latest polls about Donald Trump’s affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford shows that Trump supporters think that the President is lying but they also do not really care. Christian author Joel C. Rosenberg says he feels “deeply disappointed the President of the United States paid hush money to an adult […]

‘Aggretsuko’ Netflix Anime Is The ‘Zootopia’ Of Office Politics And Feminist Rage At Corporate Sexism

The wait for Zootopia 2 may be taking forever, but a new Netflix anime called Aggretsuko might help fill in the gap just a little. The show features a 20-something office lady named Retsuko, who takes the form of a cute red panda working at an accounting department of a Japanese trading firm. But this […]

‘Tokyo Ghoul: re’ Episode 5 English Dub Delayed For Funimation Simuldub Of ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3

Funimation was trying something new for the spring 2018 anime season, but unfortunately, the experiment is not going as expected. The original goal was to release the English dub for each episode of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 and My Hero Academia Season 3 at the same time as the Japanese release. But Funimation has now […]

Fired Reverend Can Stay: Paul Ryan Fires House Chaplain Patrick J. Conroy, Backs Off After Resignation Letter

House Chaplain Reverend Patrick Conroy was told to resign or he would be fired by Speaker Paul Ryan from the post that Conroy has held since 2011. In response, the House Chaplain proffered a resignation letter that directly addressed the speaker. Now that news of the firing has gone public, Speaker Ryan has backed down […]

New Anime 2018 Sales Grow, But Industry Must Invest In The People At Studios, Says Twin Engine President

The anime industry is continuing to grow rapidly thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon. Some anime companies have found themselves switching up their business model. For example, in the past, anime home video sales used to comprise the lion’s share of revenues, but in some cases, the Blu-Ray/DVD sales now only amount to […]

‘Strike The Blood’ Season 3/OVA 3 Release Date Teased By Warner Bros. Japan For Fall 2018 Anime Or 2019

Strike the Blood Season 3 was officially confirmed to be greenlit for production in 2018. Listed as Strike the Blood Third (or Strike The Blood 3), the revelation was announced during the Dengeki Bunko 25th Anniversary and New Work Unveiling Stage event at Dengeki Game Festival 2018. Now, a document from Warner Bros. Japan has […]

‘Mob Psycho 100’ Season 2 Release Date Teased By Warner Bros. Japan For Fall 2018 Anime Or 2019

Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 was confirmed to be greenlit for production during a 2018 event held by Studio Bones, and now Warner Bros. Japan has provided a hint about the general time frame for the release date of the second season of the MP100 anime series. A printed release schedule for multiple anime series […]

‘DanMachi’ Season 2 Release Date, ‘Arrow Of The Orion’ Movie Teased By Warner Bros Japan For Fall 2018 Or 2019

The general time frame for the release dates for DanMachi Season 2 (or Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon Season 2) and DanMachi The Movie: Arrow Of The Orion may have been indirectly confirmed by information from Warner Bros. Japan. Both the second season and the DanMachi anime movie […]

‘A Certain Magical Index’ Season 3 Release Date Confirmed For Fall 2018: Anime ‘Toaru Majutsu No Index’

The A Certain Magical Index Season 3 release date for the anime series may have been indirectly confirmed by information from Warner Bros. Japan. Sharp-eyed anime fans on Reddit spotted an informational pamphlet that lays out the scheduled release dates for multiple anime series. The document specifically shows Toaru Majutsu no Index Season 3 (or […]

Texas University: Masculinity ‘Restrictive’ – MasculinUT Treats Toxic Masculinity As A Mental Health Issue

At a Texas university, masculinity and traditional ideas about manliness are being put under the microscope. The Counseling and Mental Health Center at the University of Texas at Austin launched a program called MasculinUT that is treating so-called “restrictive masculinity” as a mental health issue because they believe masculinity can become “unhealthy.” The goal of […]

Nakea Darisaw: Racist Graffiti Painted All Over Black Florida Woman’s Home, Cars – Everything Was Vandalized

Nakea Darisaw says she woke up the other day to find her entire home and cars covered with racist graffiti that used racial epithets for black people. The Marion County homeowner says that the vandals used red paint to cover the house and vehicle in addition to all sorts of other damage. “I actually passed […]

DanMachi: ‘Sword Oratoria’ English Dub Cast In Funimation’s ‘Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon’

The English dub cast for the anime Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? On The Side has finally been announced by Funimation. Amazon managed to grab the rights for the first season as an exclusive for Anime Strike. The Sword Oratoria anime was locked behind a paywall […]

Delroy Chance: Toledo, Ohio, Man Jumps To His Death From Fifth Floor Of Daytona Beach Shores Hotel In Florida

Delroy Chance’s death is being investigated after the Ohio man allegedly ran down an open-air hallway and leaped over a railway only to fall five stories down to the ground below. Police are currently uncertain why Chance would do such a thing and the incident remains under investigation. The 25-year-old man from Toledo, Ohio, was […]

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie 2018: Saiyan Goku’s Last Battle In New Anime Beats ‘DBS’ Story, Says Akio Iyoku

The story of the 2018 Dragon Ball Super movie has been revealed by a new interview with Akio Iyoku that was posted on the official Dragon Ball website. The overall takeaway is that Goku of the present day will be a focus, but so will the past of the Super Saiyan homeworld. They’re even boasting […]

‘FLCL’ Seasons 2 & 3: Toonami Interview Angers Anime Fans – Progressive, Alternative Sequel Forced On Creator?

A new Toonami interview about FLCL Season 2 and FLCL Season 3 (FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative) has some anime fans irate because they believe Kazuya Tsurumaki, the original creator of FLCL, was essentially forced by Cartoon Network to create the new FLCL anime series against his wishes. On the other hand, some fans claim […]

‘Princess Principal’ Anime Movie Series: Ange Returns For Six Films Instead Of ‘Princess Principal’ Season 2

A 2019 Princess Principal movie series will be bringing Ange and the high school spies of Mayfair Academy back into the steampunk world of espionage set in an alternate reality England. Anime fans were hoping that Princess Principal Season 2 would be announced, but instead Japanese audiences will be treated to six feature films that […]

‘The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K’ Season 2 Release Date On U.S. Netflix: ‘Saiki Kusuo no ψ-nan’ Anime Soon

American Netflix audiences are looking for The Disastrous Life of Saiki K Season 2 to release on the streaming platform now that the first 24 episodes of the Saiki Kusuo no ψ-nan (or Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan) anime have been releasing for everyone’s binge-watching pleasure. Thankfully, the Saiki Kusuo no ψ-nan Season 2 release date […]