Ronna McDaniel Says RNC Will Back Trump Even if He’s Convicted Irrespective of Voters' Choice

Ronna McDaniel Says RNC Will Back Trump Even if He’s Convicted Irrespective of Voters' Choice
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Former President Donald Trump has a lot of backing, even from the highest ranks of the Republican National Committee (RNC) itself. The Republican National Committee would undoubtedly support Trump if he were chosen as the GOP nominee, even if he were found guilty of the offenses he has been charged with. Ronna McDaniel, chair of the organization, revealed in an interview with CNN's Dana Bash on November 12, HuffPost reported. “I know this is newsworthy, but as party chair, I’m gonna support whoever the voters choose,” McDaniel asserted. “And yes, if they choose Donald Trump.”


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“The voters are looking at this, and they think there’s a two-tiered system of justice,” McDaniel justified her answer. “They don’t believe a lot of the things that are coming out of this, and they’re making these decisions, and that’s reflected in the polls.”

Due to his four indictments, Trump is expected to spend a significant portion of the upcoming year—including the busiest time of year for presidential campaigns in 2024—in court. He has avoided every primary debate, yet despite those accusations, he is still by far the front-runner for the Republican nomination.



Trump is polling significantly higher than any of his rivals in the Republican Party, and his stature has increased somewhat as a result of indictments in four different states. An extensive portion of Republican supporters think that Trump's legal problems are "politically motivated," as per a CBS News/YouGov survey. The RNC's stance is not surprising given that Trump is an asset to the RNC, as he is overwhelmingly popular not only among Republicans but also in crucial swing states for 2024, according to recent polls from The New York Times and Siena College, Axios reported. 

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In a recent interview on Meet the Press, the RNC chief even refused to comment on Trump's highly controversial dictator-like language when he called his political opponents "vermin" that would be "wiped out". When Welker asked McDaniels, "Are you comfortable with this language coming from the GOP frontrunner?" she simply responded, saying, "I am not going to comment on candidates and their campaign messaging."


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Even though McDaniels supports Trump, reports suggest that he has an “increasingly sour” relationship with her, CNBC reported. Following a run of Republican defeats in high-profile races in Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio this week, persons with knowledge of the situation say that Trump has been receiving messages from party members who think McDaniel's RNC leadership is to blame for the party's problems.



Trump had reportedly really grown disenchanted with McDaniel two years prior, believing the RNC should have done more to assist him in reversing the 2020 election results, which he ultimately lost to President Joe Biden. They want Trump to pressure McDaniel to resign, something even GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said publicly at the GOP debate. “I do think if there’s enough pressure from us and Trump, McDaniel might just decide, ‘This is humiliating,’ and step down,” a person familiar with that effort and the move to push McDaniel to resign said. 

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