RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Slams Estranged Hubby Lenny and New Girlfriend on Mother’s Day for Hurting Her

RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Slams Estranged Hubby Lenny and New Girlfriend on Mother’s Day for Hurting Her
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @lisahochstein, (Inset) @lennyhochstein

The Real Housewives of Miami star, Lisa Hochstein has spoken out against her estranged husband, Lenny Hochstein, and has alleged that the plastic surgeon had been looking "to hurt, humiliate, disparage, and shame" her on the weekend coinciding with Mother's Day.

Lisa expressed her anger via a series of Instagram Stories where she wrote, "Thank you to everyone for the Mother’s Day messages! Also, thank you for forwarding me all the already debunked lies my ex is spreading on his public platform this weekend. What type of man goes out of his way to further escalate conflict and disparage the mother of his children on a special day and weekend? I was left. I was cheated on, I feel like I’m living in hell." 


The mother-of-two further accused Lenny's new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, of also being involved in tarnishing her name in public. Lisa revealed she is "still being bullied, lied about, and provoked" by Mazepa, Lenny's mother Marina Hochstein, and their friends amid the intense divorce proceedings. The reality star alleged that the famed plastic surgeon and his girlfriend have hired a publicist "to get news stories for themselves ... otherwise, no one would care."

Lisa added, "He had a two-year-old and was asking for a third kid, just with friends at our table days before getting caught," adding that Bravo "doesn’t edit anything or anyone to look a certain way." The Hochsteins share two children, seven-year-old Logan and three-year-old Elle.


Further commenting about their ongoing divorce she said, "I had no idea two days later he was leaving me to start a relationship with someone I suspect he has had something with for a long time, was around us, and in my home for years. Yes, we were still sleeping in the same bed. We had nannies and housekeepers here and the kids came in to see us every morning so his narrative is bold."

In the emotional outburst statement put on the Instagram Story, Lisa also mentioned that "she is home for their kids almost 150 hours a week while he’s there about five." She concluded the long note by saying, "Please leave me and the kids to have a nice Mother’s Day weekend. I’m hurting and I need peace."

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Romain Maurice
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Romain Maurice

The lengthy statement posted during Mother's Day comes weeks after a court in South Florida ruled in Lisa's favor and said that she would receive $8,000 monthly in temporary support from Lenny Hochstein amid their divorce. Judge Abby Cynamon ordered Lenny to pay Lisa the monthly sum beginning in May via direct deposit. Lenny was also ordered by the court to "maintain the status quo" for his ex-wife Lisa and their two children by providing financial support for medical insurance, schooling, activities, and basic needs. Through this court ruling, Lenny has to also pay an estimated $60,000 to Lisa's lawyer, since his ex-wife is in arrears to the tune of $85,000 against her legal team.

The court orders will remain in effect until the court issues a renewed order in the case or the ex-couple reach a settlement in their split.

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