Joe Scarborough Sounds "Full-On Hitler" Alarm in Response to Donald Trump's "Vermin" Reference

Joe Scarborough Sounds "Full-On Hitler" Alarm in Response to Donald Trump's "Vermin" Reference
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In a startling turn of events over the weekend, former President Donald Trump drew sharp criticism for his use of dehumanizing language against political opponents, with MSNBC's Joe Scarborough issuing a grave warning that Trump is "going full-on Hitler." This latest episode of inflammatory rhetoric, where Trump referred to his adversaries as "vermin," has ignited concerns about the direction of his political discourse and its potential impact on the upcoming 2024 election.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images |  John Moore
Image Source: Getty Images | John Moore

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During a recent Truth Social post and a Veterans Day rally in Claremont, New Hampshire, Trump vowed to "root out the Communists, Marxists, Fascists, and Radical Left Thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our Country." Scarborough, the host of Morning Joe, seized upon this language, interpreting it as a forewarning ahead of the pivotal 2024 election.



Quoting the late civil rights activist Maya Angelou, Scarborough emphasized the importance of taking Trump's words seriously: "When somebody tells you who they are, believe 'em the first time," as per HuffPost. He urged viewers to consider the gravity of the situation, asserting that the upcoming election could be the most significant since 1864, drawing parallels to Abraham Lincoln's re-election during the Civil War.


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The concern is not just about the choice of words but the potential consequences of such rhetoric. Critics, including commentators in the media, have noted striking similarities between Trump's language and Nazi propaganda, which infamously referred to Jewish people as "vermin." This is not the first time Trump's words have evoked historical comparisons; last month, he faced backlash for describing undocumented immigrants as "poisoning the blood of our country," echoing language used by Adolf Hitler.


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Reacting to the criticism, Trump's spokesman, Steven Cheung, dismissed the comparisons as "ridiculous assertions" from those suffering from "Trump Derangement Syndrome." However, Scarborough remained steadfast in his assessment, suggesting that Trump's controversial rhetoric could lead to his downfall in the 2024 election.



During Monday's edition of Morning Joe, Scarborough pointed out that Trump has a history of employing what he characterized as "fascist talk." He referenced Trump's recent characterization of undocumented immigrants as "poisoning the blood of our country" and delved into Trump's family history, citing claims that Trump's ancestors, originally named Drumpf, emigrated from Germany in the 1600s.


Scarborough's concerns align with those of Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a professor of history and Italian studies at New York University, who highlighted the use of the term "vermin" as a tactic employed by historical authoritarians like Hitler and Mussolini to dehumanize people and incite violence. Ben-Ghiat also noted that Trump's rhetoric involves projecting himself as the savior of freedom, drawing parallels to Mussolini's promises of freedom preceding the declaration of dictatorship, as per News Week.


As the nation grapples with the implications of Trump's divisive language, Scarborough's warning serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of political rhetoric on a grand scale. The upcoming election, he contends, will be a pivotal moment in determining the trajectory of the nation.

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