When Hunter Biden Joked About ‘Keeping His Pants Up’ Amid Struggle With Drug Addiction

When Hunter Biden Joked About ‘Keeping His Pants Up’ Amid Struggle With Drug Addiction
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Hunter Biden is famously known as President Joe Biden's son, and like his father, he remains politically active. The young Biden has been through a lot while he was growing up. Dealing with the pressures of being such an emanated political figure's son can't have been easy. That along with other difficulties including his struggle with substance abuse, made life really rough for him. In his memoir, Beautiful ThingsHunter narrates the strife he underwent as a former addict and how he overcame those challenges. But, this particular mention remains most notable.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Kris Connor
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Kris Connor

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The President's son appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show: Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the year 2021 to promote the aforementioned book. He also briefly summarized what it was all about and what parts of his past it specifically highlights. Since Kimmel is generally known as someone who makes light-hearted and non-offensive jokes, Hunter too often throws in a joke or two during his lively yet vulnerable conversation with Kimmel. Hunter's most noteworthy joke was his reference to his behavior at the time he was under the influence of substances. 



As per a 2021 article by The Washington Examiner, Hunter was in the middle of answering questions about the abandoned laptop obtained from a Delaware repair shop. There was a great deal of controversy surrounding the device. 

That in addition to his reported appointment to the board of a Ukranian Energy Company, was one of the most talked about situations. But that wasn't the only reason Kimmel brought it up. Numerous scandalous pictures of Hunter were leaked. One picture featured Hunter in nothing but a pair of underpants, aviators, and tennis shoes. 

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Kimmel told Hunter that he's been carefully observing his responses about the aforementioned device. In addition said, "That is hard to believe unless you read the book, and then I'm surprised you have shoes on." The host referred to the time when Hunter denied the laptop was his property and later re-surfaces to something the President's son noted in his book. 

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After listening in to Kimmel's joke about him being fully clothed, Hunter said in light of his alcohol and drug addiction at the time, "Yeah, I made it today. Pants were the problem. The political enthusiast revealed a reason why he wrote the book with details of such a troubled past.



He wanted his book to be a way to sort of "humanize" him, especially after how his legal troubles were used as an alleged attack for his father's Presidential campaign by the Republican party. It appears that Hunter truly wanted people to empathize with him via the book through his utter raw emotions depicted in it. As of recently, Hunter is passionately supporting his father's campaign as a loving son.

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