Donald Trump's Loyalist Alleged President Joe Biden Physically Abuses His Pet Dogs

Donald Trump's Loyalist Alleged President Joe Biden Physically Abuses His Pet Dogs
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | James Devaney; (Inset): Tasos Katopodis

When President Joe Biden's dog Commander attacked eleven people, everybody wondered the root of the German Shepherd's aggression. Reportedly, Donald Trump's top loyalist claimed the 80-year-old physically abuses his canines, possibly explaining the 'dangerous nature' of the pets. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Tasos Katopodis
Image Source: Getty Images | Tasos Katopodis

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Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a conservative activist group, is one of Trump's allies. He accused Biden of violence against the animals and previously helped disclose the news of his pet Commander biting several Secret Service agents in the White House, reported Newsweek.

Fitton also collected proof, like e-mails and records, to back his claims that the president's dog has been a threat to people between October 2022 and January 2023. He made these claims during an interview on the Just the News show. The interview aired on the right-wing streaming, cable, and satellite television channel Real America's Voice.



Although no substantial evidence exists to back these claims, the Biden family's pet Commander was reportedly moved out of the Presidential Palace after several biting incidents. The future of the president's dog has not yet been decided, said the spokeswoman of the First Lady, Jill Biden, reported BBC.

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The canine has reportedly hurt many, one of whom required immediate medical treatment. Commander is the second of Biden's dogs to be ousted from the White House. Previously, his German Shepherd named Major was sent to Delaware in 2021. The spokeswoman, Elizabeth Alexander, defended the Bidens. 

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"The President and First Lady care deeply about the safety of those who work at the White House and those who protect them every day," clarified Alexander. "Commander is not presently on the White House campus while [the] next steps are evaluated," she added. However, Fitton argued the number of people being bitten was higher than revealed, citing a CNN report. 

He criticized, "And only after all that came out was the dog removed from the White House complex," adding, "Now we had a separate source who told us that Biden beat his dogs. So it helped maybe explain the dangerous nature of the dog's attacks." 



Trump's ally said, "I tend to think it's a big story when a dozen or so federal law enforcement officers, who are trying to protect the President's life and his family's life and the White House, are being attacked by the dog and the White House lying about the Secret Service not doing anything about it." 

Fitton continued, "Biden was allowing his dog to bite agents with impunity," adding, "It just highlights the devil-may-care attitude or maybe the mafia-like attitude that takes to public office." During a press conference, the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned about Biden's Commander's attacks. 



When reporters pressed Jean-Pierre about the canine, she quipped, "Do you want me to bring the dog into the briefing room? That would be fun?" While addressing his biting issue, the 49-year-old said she never felt concerned for her safety around the animal. "I've seen Commander many times. I was never worried. And I've never been bitten by Commander," clarified the Press Secretary. 

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