Donald Trump is "Acting Like Nothing's Wrong," Looks Unbothered by His Mounting Legal Issues

Donald Trump is "Acting Like Nothing's Wrong," Looks Unbothered by His Mounting Legal Issues
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Donald Trump's relaxed vibes scream Hakuna Matata amid his mounting legal woes. The past few weeks have been disastrous for the former president as his "once-loyal" attorneys flipped on him and pleaded guilty. He has also been criminally indicted four times, and a $250 million civil fraud lawsuit was filed by A.G. Letitia James. But all is well for Trump inside the Trump Tower.

Image Source: Getty Images | John W. Adkisson
Image Source: Getty Images | John W. Adkisson

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It would be unthinkable to order steak frites amid all the tension, but the 77-year-old is 'unfazed" by it all. He recently had an explosive face-off with his former attorney, Michael Cohen, who testified against him in the Manhattan courtroom. Aside from him, other names like Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, and Jenna Ellis also pleaded guilty. 

However, insiders have reported that inside the Trump Tower, he's absolutely unbothered by the lawsuits or "his people" turning their backs on him. A source revealed, "Trump's in Trump Tower, unfazed and happy," reported Page Six."He's acting like nothing's wrong," continued the insider.  

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"He's projecting strength and seems on top of the world, not nervous or anxious," the source added. His relaxed attitude is predicted to have stemmed from the recent poll results, as the numbers seem to have favored him in the key states. Also, the New Yorkers gave Biden only a nine-point edge over Trump. 

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The Republican candidate visited the New Hampshire Statehouse to register himself as the nominee and made a strange statement regarding votes. Outside the Secretary of State, his critics chanted slogans like "Trump is going to jail" and "Lock him up." However, Trump addressed his supporters and claimed, "The voting, we got plenty of votes."  


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And so it seems that despite amplified critical voices, the 2024 presidential hopeful has enough support to beat his political rivals and win back the seat at the Oval Office. Nevertheless, Trump was in a bad mood during the Manhattan face-off with his former attorney, Michael Cohen, testifying against him. 

The courtroom witnessed fireworks on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, when the former president sat in silence (contrary to his vociferous attitude) as Cohen, the fourth in line to go against Trump, answered questions before Judge Arthur Engoron. After a series of back-and-forth, Trump's lead attorney, Chris Kise, declared that whatever Cohen admitted in court was a lie, reports BBC. 



During the trial, Cohen said his former employer told him to value his assets at "whatever number" he [Trump] wanted. The former attorney testified, "He would say, 'I'm actually not worth $4.5 billion; I'm really worth more like $6 billion." Outside the courthouse, Cohen told reporters he sees Trump as a "defeated man," as per the sources in the New York Post



"I saw somebody that knows that it's the end of the Trump Organization," Cohen said outside the Manhattan court. The 77-year-old is neck-deep in his legal battles, including four indictments- the January 6 Capitol Riots case, the Georgia Election Interference case, the Classified Documents case, and the Hush-money case to adult star Stormy Daniels. 

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