Protesters Chant 'Donald Trump is Going to Jail' Outside the New Hampshire Statehouse

Protesters Chant 'Donald Trump is Going to Jail' Outside the New Hampshire Statehouse
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Donald Trump's critics amplified their voices outside of the New Hampshire Statehouse. The former President of the United States, his team, and the attendees heard a crowd present outside, chanting, "Donald Trump is going to jail." Considering the 2024 presidential race is heating up, the voices couldn't be louder. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Mike Segar
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Mike Segar

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The 77-year-old arrived at the New Hampshire Secretary of State to file for his nomination paperwork. Upon his entry and exit, thousands of supporters and protestors lined up outside the Statehouse. Trump registered for the state's primary before he could host the campaign event at Derry's New England Sports Center, as reported by Radar Online. 

The presidential hopeful is currently facing ninety-one criminal charges against him across four indictments—the January 6 Capitol case, the Georgia election interference case, the classified documents case, and the hush money case to adult star Stormy Daniels. Although Trump has vehemently denied every single one of them, there is definitely pressure on him due to the ongoing/impending trials. 



As the former President arrived at New Hampshire Statehouse, he heard another critical chant: "Lock him up! Lock him up!" The criticism against him only escalated as protesters exclaimed such chants at the top of their voices. A specific critic even came with a megaphone to mock the 77-year-old and ensure the Republican candidate had heard them.

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Some of the other things the protestors were heard saying were, "Trump is a chicken! Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!" But the buck didn't stop here. One protestor further provoked the former president and challenged him by saying, "Come and debate me, Trump!" However, the usually outspoken Trump didn't react to these insults, and there were no reports of a confrontation with the enthusiastic protester. Nonetheless, it was reported the voices were loud enough for him to hear.


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Despite several eye-witnesses and evidence, Trump is adamant that he has never been indicted. During his visit to the New Hampshire Statehouse, the 2024 presidential candidate once again claimed the indictment was 'false' and alluded to a recent statement where he refused to accept Sidney Powell as his attorney. Trump contradicted, "We did nothing wrong," and routinely blamed his political rival and Democrat Joe Biden. "This is all Biden's stuff... I was never indicted. You practically never heard the word," reported HuffPost. Another bizarre statement involved the former real-estate mogul asking his supporters 'not to worry about the votes.' "The voting, we got plenty of votes," Trump claimed. 



While addressing his supporters at the rally, he made several other statements that people found strange and posted on social media platforms like X, formerly Twitter. The critics didn't spare Trump even when he was leaving the Statehouse. As he exited, protesters launched another verbal attack and chanted, "Stop the Steal! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!" And the man with a megaphone yelled, "Donald Trump is going to jail!" The protests have gained momentum after several attorneys of the Republican pleaded guilty, like Sidney Powell in the Georgia Election Interference case where Trump is one of the co-defendants. 

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