Donald Trump Allegedly Revealed Extraordinary 'Secret and Sensitive' Information to Australian Billionaire

Donald Trump Allegedly Revealed Extraordinary 'Secret and Sensitive' Information to Australian Billionaire
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Former United States President Donald J. Trump allegedly shared "secret" and "sensitive" details about America's nuclear submarine fleet to an Australian billionaire. Reportedly, the 77-year-old told cardboard industrialist Anthony Pratt the exact number of nuclear warheads carried by US submarines. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Douglas P. DeFelice
Image Source: Getty Images | Douglas P. DeFelice

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Trump also slipped the information on how close the submarines could get to Russian boats without being detected. He disclosed this in a conversation with the Australian industrialist at Mar-a-Lago, the president's lavish Florida compound, in April 2021, reported ABC News. 

Special Counsel Jack Smith interviewed Pratt in Trump's case of mishandling classified documents after leaving the White House following his 2020 defeat. It was reported that the Republican candidate had a close connection with Pratt when he joined the Oval Office. 



Another source revealed that Pratt is a potential witness when Trump's trial begins, reported CNN. The former president allegedly relayed this information to at least 45 people, including three former Australian prime ministers, six journalists, eleven of his employees, and ten Australian officials. 

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Pratt is the executive chairman of Visy Industries and Pratt Industries in the United States, but the billionaire has no record of any wrongdoings in the past. It was also reported that a former Mar-a-Lago employee was concerned over Trump disclosing such sensitive information to someone who is not a US citizen. 

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The former employee also revealed he heard Pratt further sharing the sensitive information soon after the former president left the meeting. These allegations were not part of the special counsel's case of classified documents against Trump. However, the Republican candidate's discussion with Pratt has been reported and investigated by Smith's team. 

Trump's spokesperson defended, "The Department of Justice should investigate the criminal leaking instead of perpetrating their baseless witch-hunts while knowing that President Trump did nothing wrong, has always insisted on truth and transparency, and acted properly, according to the law."



His allies slammed ABC's report, claiming it "lacks proper context and relevant information." During Smith's investigation, Pratt revealed he told Trump that Australia should buy submarines from the US, and then Trump shared the secret information about nuclear warheads and submarines. 

However, Pratt clarified he wasn't shown any government documents. The former Australian ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey, downplayed the claims. He said, "There has been nothing said that we all did not know." Hockey added, "Australian submariners have been serving on US submarines for years." 

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Continuing, "Similarly, US naval personnel have been on our ships. It's a fully integrated partnership. The combat system on the US subs and Australian subs is a joint program. Similarly, we share weapons technology." However, if the information relayed to Pratt was classified, then it was illegal to share publicly. 

Trump is currently facing 40 counts in the classified documents case, and in one of four cases, the former president has been indicted. The 77-year-old is a presidential hopeful for the upcoming 2024 elections. 

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