‘Dreamers’ Immigration Fight: President Trump Says A Government Shutdown Is A Possibility As Soon As Saturday

President Trump has announced that a Government shutdown is a possibility, as a result of the immigration fight between Republicans and Democrats. This shutdown could happen as soon as Saturday, CNBC reports. The fight between the Democrats and Republicans, in regards to immigration, is getting dangerously close to shutting down the Government. In the beginning […]

Disoriented Opossum Found Drunk Inside Liquor Store In Fort Walton Beach, Florida

If you believe that you have heard of just about everything, you may want to read this. A disoriented opossum was found drunk inside a liquor store in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. WJACTV-TV News has reported that an employee of the liquor store walked inside to find a pale, disoriented opossum next to a bottle […]

Following Arrest Of Earl Kimery, FBI Working To Find Body Of 3-Year-Old Mariah Woods

Following the arrest of Earl Kimery, the FBI is working to find the body of 3-year-old Mariah Woods. Tragically, Mariah is thought to be deceased based on new unidentified evidence, NY Daily News reports. Earl Kimery has been charged with the following in connection to Mariah Woods’ disappearance: Concealing of Death Obstruction of Justice 2nd […]

DOJ Considers Federal Charges Against Jose Ines Garcia Zarate In Lieu Of Acquittal In Kate Steinle Murder

After a California jury acquitted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of Kate Steinle’s murder, DOJ is now considering federal charges against the illegal immigrant, Fox News reports. Lawmakers, President Trump, and people all around the Country have been very disappointed and unsettled after Garcia Zarate was found “Not Guilty.” U.S. immigration officials state that they plan […]

Jay-Z Tops The Charts With Most Grammy Nominations At 60th Annual Grammy Awards

As we near the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, the nominations are in. With no surprise, Jay-Z tops the charts with the most Grammy nominations. According to Billboard, American rapper, Jay-Z, has been nominated for eight Grammy nominations for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, officially beating Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars for the most Grammy nominations. […]

Russia Knew About Chemical Weapons In Syria: Autopsies Confirm Chemicals Used In Syria Attack

After autopsies confirm chemicals were used in the Syria attack, it was also revealed that Russia likely knew about the chemical weapons in Syria. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has revealed that Russia likely knew about the chemical weapons in Syria. He told Fox News that either Russia is incompetent, or complicit in their role […]

Cat Doused With Gasoline, Thrown In Garbage Bag In PA: Reward Offered For Information

A cat was doused with gasoline and thrown in garbage bag in PA. According to WJACTV, a reward is being offered to anyone who provides information about this disgusting crime. When garbage workers heard meowing from a garbage bag in Reading, Pennsylvania, they began digging through the bags. What they found was absolutely horrifying. A […]

Petco Sued After Pet Rat Bites Boy: Boy Dies From Rat Bite Fever

Petco has been sued after a pet rat bit a boy, and the boy died from rat bite fever. The pet rat was said to have tested positive for streptobacillus moniliformis, also known as rat bite fever, Inside Edition reported. The family has officially sued Petco, who sold them the pet rat in 2013. But […]

Russian Warship Headed Towards U.S. Navy Warships Following Syria Airbase Missile Attack

It has been reported that a Russian warship was spotted headed towards the U.S. Navy warships following Syria airbase missile attack late Thursday night, Fox News reports. A U.S. official announced that Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494 was spotted coming from the Black Sea into eastern Mediterranean on Friday, headed directly towards the USS Ross and USS […]

Trump Orders Attack On Syria In Response To Chemical Attack: Airbase At Shayrat Targeted [Breaking]

It has been announced that Trump has ordered an attack on Syria in response to the chemical attack. The airbase at Shayrat has been targeted, Fox News reports. Several U.S. Tomahawk missiles were launched into the airbase at Shayrat, where it is believed to be the place where Tuesday’s chemical attack was planned. This is […]

Washington Homeowner Arrested For Shooting, Killing Intruder In His Shower

A Washington homeowner was arrested for shooting and killing an intruder, who was in his shower, WJACTV reports. The man returned to his second home, which is beside each other, which he runs his business out of. What he didn’t expect was to find a man in his shower. After exchanging some words, the homeowner […]

Fort Myers Fisherman Attacked By Alligator

Recently, a Fort Myers fisherman was attacked by an alligator when he was out with a friend fishing for Bass in the Florida waters, SOTT, reports. When Nino Alvarez’s friend told him that he had an alligator attached to his foot, all he could do was laugh. “Oh snap, you’ve got a gator on your […]

Missing PA Man Found Slain In Creek

A missing PA man was found slain in a creek, WJACTV reports. Gregory Bosko, 55, of Kittanning, Pennsylvania went missing on March 20. According to Gregory’s brother, Dan, that day Gregory had left to give two guys a ride to Butler, and the same day he found out that Gregory had items missing from his […]

Fort Hood Shooter ’99-Pound Strike’: Protesting America’s Hatred For Sharia Law

The Fort Hood shooter, the former army psychiatrist who was responsible for killing 13 people on the base in 2009, is protesting America’s hatred for Sharia law with his 99-pound strike, Fox News reports. Nidal Hasan, who considers himself a soldier of Allah, was sentenced to death in 2013 following the deadly shooting at Fort […]

New Colin Kaepernick Blow: He’s A Vegan, Teams Concerned

As if Colin Kaepernick didn’t have enough to deal with, the new Colin Kaepernick blow that allegedly has teams concerned about picking him up is that he’s a vegan. Will his diet keep him from being signed by an NFL team? According to NBC Sports, NFL teams are now using his vegan diet as an […]

Death Penalty Likely For Keith Lambing: Charged With Rape, Death Of Young Boy

Warning: Disturbing and graphic material within this article It has been reported that the death penalty is likely for Keith Lambing, who has been charged with the rape and death of a young boy from Butler, Pennsylvania, Fox News reports. Keith Lambing was found hiding in an abandoned home after he was the target of […]

PA House Struck By Lightning: Fire Causes $153K In Damages

A PA house was struck by lightning early Friday morning, causing $153,000 in damages, WJAC TV reports. Early in the morning, the Johnsonburg Fire Department responded to a report of a house fire. Just before 3 a.m., the fire crew was on the scene fighting a house that was fully engulfed in flames. They were […]

Chris Christie Working With Trump To Fight Opioid Addiction

Chris Christie is working with Trump to fight opioid addiction. According to Fox News, the New Jersey governor has been named by President Trump to lead the presidential task force on the opioid and drug issue. Although Gov. Christie had an unsuccessful run in his attempts to become the president of the United States, he […]

5-Month-Old Baby Sold On Craigslist: Tennessee Couple In Custody

A 5-month-old baby was sold on Craigslist, Fox News reports. A Tennessee couple is in custody after they sold their baby to an undercover officer. A couple from Tennessee has been arrested for attempting to sell their child on Craigslist. When the police received a tip that a couple was trying to sell their 5-month-old […]

An 11-Year-Old Girl Cited For Trespassing: Walking To And From Bus Stop

An 11-year-old girl was cited for trespassing for walking through a neighbors yard to get to and from her bus stop, Fox News reports. A sixth grader, Autumn Blanchard, was handed a no-trespassing order from the police for walking through someone’s yard in order to get to and from her bus stop every day. Autumn’s […]

Sasquatch Allegedly Causes Idaho Crash: Among Several Bigfoot Sightings In Idaho

A Sasquatch allegedly causes an Idaho crash, Fox News reports. The woman claims that she was distracted by Bigfoot in her rear view mirror when she crashed into a deer. A woman from Northern Idaho was driving down the road when she noticed a deer running along side the road. When she peaked in her […]

Young Boy With Brain Cancer Gets To Be A Boston Police Officer For The Day

A young boy battling stage 3 brain cancer was able to live his dreams as a Boston Police officer for the day. Fox News reports that Declan Higgins, 4, was a part of the Boston Police Department while raising awareness for brain cancer. The Stephen E. and Catherine Pappas Center for Neuro-Oncology was raising awareness […]

Double Amputee Marine Veteran Matias Ferreira A New York Police Officer

A marine veteran, who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan, was sworn in as a New York Police Officer, Fox News reports. Matias Ferreira, 28, just may be the first double amputee to become an active duty police officer in the country. When he was on a tour in Iraq, Ferreira stepped on a […]

Confirmed High Profile Terrorist Struck Down By U.S. Airstrike: Qari Yasin Dead

It has been reported that a high profile terrorist responsible for American soldiers’ deaths has been struck down by a U.S. airstrike. Fox News revealed that al Qaeda terrorist leader, Qari Yasin, was killed during an airstrike that took place on March 19. Qari Yasin was responsible for the deaths of dozens of innocent victims, […]

Little Boy Dies Under Sedation During Dental Procedure [Video]

A little boy died under sedation during a dental procedure, WJACTV reports. The boy was undergoing a procedure at a pediatric dentist when he suddenly passed away. A mother’s worst nightmare occurred when her 4-year-old son fell asleep and never woke up during a dental procedure last Friday in Washington state. The mother still has […]

Pennsylvania Woman Allegedly Sells Food Stamps For Drugs Online

A Pennsylvania woman is accused of selling her food stamps for drugs online, WJACTV reports. Tanya Keenan-Mack, 37, was arrested by Lycoming County police after she allegedly sold $194 dollars worth of food stamps in exchange for heroin. The investigation began after a tip was received on February 6 that she posted an ad on […]

Amid Trump’s Deportation Scare, Tattoo Removal At Record High Among Immigrants

Amid President Trump’s deportation scare, tattoo removal is at a record high among immigrants, Fox News reports. It has been revealed that tattoo parlors are noticing a record high amount of people requesting tattoo removal, but not for the typical reasons. Usually, people ask to remove a tattoo of an ex’s name, or for the […]

White House Confirms No Evidence That Trump Colluded With Russia During Election

After the FBI had revealed that an investigation would be conducted, the White House confirms that there is no evidence that Trump colluded with Russian during the election, The Hill reports. FBI Director James Comey recently confirmed that an investigation is underway to determine whether or not Trump had anything to do with Russia’s election […]

Snake Slithers Through Woman’s AC Vent In Car, Nearly Wrecks

A Florida woman nearly wrecked her car after seeing a snake slithering through the an AC vent in her car, WJACTV reports. The red snake was not a welcoming sight for a woman, who was driving down the highway when she suddenly noticed a snake coming through the AC vent to the left of her […]

Major Recalls: Listeria Contaminated Frozen Pizza, Among Many Others

If you bought frozen Marketside pizza at Walmart recently, you might want to throw it away. Fox News reveals that the company has recalled 21,200 pounds of its frozen Marketside Extra Large Supreme Pizza for possible listeria contamination. This is just one of the current major recalls. RBR Meat Company Inc. issued the recall after […]

Dead Pitt-Johnstown Student Identified As National Championship Wrestler

The Pitt-Johnstown student found dead on February 25 was identified as a national championship Wrestler, WJACTV reports. Late Saturday night, a student at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown was found dead inside his apartment. It was later announced that the student was identified as Nick Roberts, 23, who was well known for his success […]

Penn State University: ‘Report Any And All Illegal Aliens’

Penn State University is receiving provoked anger as posters were found on the bulletin board stating, “Report any and all illegal aliens.” Penn State officials are responding to this offensive message, WJAC TV reports. The poster was first noticed on the university’s bulletin board last week. “It is your civic duty to report any and […]

President Trump Working On New Executive Order For Illegal Immigration Option

President Trump is working on a new executive order for an illegal immigration option, his adviser informs Fox News. What does Trump have up his sleeve now that the travel ban has been denied? Stephen Miller, Trump’s policy adviser, has informed Fox News that President Donald Trump is considering all options to force a travel […]

Burglar Stabbed After Breaking Into Osceola Mills Home

The night didn’t go quite as planned for one burglar, who was stabbed after breaking into an Osceola Mills home, WJACTV reports. On Friday night, a 46-year-old man forced himself into a home and attempted to assault the residents with a torque wrench. What he didn’t expect was someone was going to get the best […]

Sex Offender Charged In Death Of Ohio State University Student Reagan Tokes

A convicted sex offender has been charged in the death of the Ohio State University student Reagan Tokes, WJAC TV reports. Brian Golsby, 29, was arrested on Saturday and charged with aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, and kidnapping. Tokes was last seen leaving her work, a Columbus restaurant, on Wednesday night. The next day, her nude […]

Solitary Confinement In PA Prisons No Longer Permitted After Federal Appeal

Solitary confinement practices in Pennsylvania prisons is no longer permitted after a federal appeal. Once an inmate’s sentence changes from the death penalty to something different, solitary confinement will no longer be forced upon them, WJAC TV reports. Three judges on the panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit ruled that […]

Child Abuse Charges Against Oklahoma Grandmother: Horrific Punishments

Child abuse charges have been filed for an Oklahoma grandmother, who’s granddaughter endured horrific punishments, according to the New York Daily News. Geneva Robinson, 51, has been accused of abusing her seven-year-old granddaughter, and plead guilty on Thursday to the child abuse charges. Oklahoma City grandmother pleads guilty to child abuse after dressing as a […]

Mother Of Child Brutally Murdered By Illegal Immigrant Confronts Nancy Pelosi

A mother of a child, who was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant, recently confronted Nancy Pelosi. She asked the House Minority Leader which one of her children was she willing to sacrifice in order to provide an immigrant with a better life in America, Daily Caller reports. One of the most kept secrets in […]

California Teacher Forced To Retire: Shows Confederate Flag During A History Lesson

A California Teacher has been forced to retire after showing the confederate flag during a history lesson, Heatstreet reports. Woody Hart, 70, was giving a lesson about the Civil War to a group of middle school children at Sutter Middle School in Folsom, California. But when she displayed the confederate flag, she was accused of […]

Homeless Man Breaks Into Home: Youngstown, Ohio Homeowner Arrives To Find Man In Shower

A homeless man broke into a woman’s home in Youngstown, Ohio. The homeowner arrived home to find a man in her shower, and police arrested the man after allegedly “making himself at home,” WJACTV reports. Police arrested a 33-year-old homeless man by the name of Jacob Merchant who was responsible for break-ins, where he allegedly […]

Police Departments Considering Easing Up On Grooming Standards: Seeking More Diversity In Police Force [Poll]

It is not a simple task to become a police officer, but it may become slightly easier. The police are considering easing up on grooming standards, possibly making it acceptable for officers to sport beards, tattoos, and turbans in the line of duty as they are seeking more diversity in the police force, Fox News […]

Child Abuse Victims Exposed After Teenager Found Dead In Des Moines: Mother Arrested And Charged

Child abuse victims have been exposed after a teenager was found dead in Des Moines. The mother has been arrested and charged, KCCI reports. 16-year-old Natalie Finn was found dead of emaciation as a result of child abuse in October. The story of Natalie lead Malayia Knapp to come forward with information about the abuse […]

Little Girl Dies At Head Start: Dearborn Heights Police Rules Death As Accidental

A little girl dies at Head Start, but Dearborn Heights Police rules the death as accidental, Click on Detroit reports. Three-year-old Lilly sustained life-threatening injuries after a table-like structure, which was attached to a wall, fell on top of the little girl. She was rushed to Oakwood Beaumont Hospital by the Dearborn Heights Fire Rescue, […]

Beautiful Homecoming For Pennsylvania Soldier: Surprises Children At School Event

Meyersdale Area School witnessed a beautiful homecoming for a Pennsylvania soldier. He surprised his children at a school event, WJACTV reports. Meyersdale Area Elementary School was holding a fundraiser event on Friday for their 2017 mini-Thon to raise money for childhood cancer awareness. The children of U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Mark Roush had no […]

Mother, Daughter Heroin Dealers Sell From Day Care Center In New York

According to WJACTV, a mother/daughter pair was caught dealing heroin from a day care center in New York. Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating the two for a couple months before they were caught selling heroin from a home day care. Sheila Detaeye, 52, and Erin Siler, 34, were arrested and charged after selling […]

The End Of Obamacare May Be In The Near Future: Congress Passes Budget To Dismantle Obama’s Healthcare

WJACTV reports that Congress has officially passed a budget to dismantle Obama’s healthcare. Perhaps Obamacare may come to an end in the near future, as this is the first step to victory. The newly approved budget will prevent the Democrats from using a Senate filibuster to make it impossible for the law to be removed […]

Clinton Global Initiative Shuts Down: Scandal-Plagued Clinton Foundation Losing Support

It has recently been revealed that the Clinton Global Initiative will be shut down. The “scandal-plagued Clinton Foundation” is losing support following Hillary Clinton’s presidency loss. According to New York Observer, a large group of foreign government and wealthy donors contributed to the Clinton Foundation during the 2016 elections, leading to what critics believed was […]

Johnstown Woman Dies Of Hypothermia: PA Woman Falls In Home, Freezes To Death

A Johnstown woman has died of hypothermia after falling in her home. The Pennsylvania woman froze to death, WJACTV reports. Coroner Jeff Lees was called to a Central Avenue home in Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, on Friday night. Sixty-year-old Camilla Farren was found dead inside her home after what Lees believes occurred as a result […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Rumors: Will Dwight Turn Against The Saviors To Help Rick’s Group Defeat Negan?

Rumors are flying with the second half of Season 7 of The Walking Dead set to premier in just one month. Will Dwight turn against the Saviors to help Rick’s Group defeat Negan? Undead Walking is questioning this theory. Although Dwight has remained loyal to Negan ever since he had his wife stolen and his […]

Alabama Mother Pleads Not Guilty To Murder Of Toddler Son: Chelsea Fike Claims She Did Not Kill Her Little Boy In 2014

An Alabama mother accused of killing her little boy in 2014, claims that she did not murder her toddler son. Chelsea Fike pleads not guilty to the murder of Ian Calhoun, Moulton Advertiser reports. In August 2014, 2-year-old Ian Calhoun died of blunt force head trauma at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. Chelsea’s boyfriend, Evan Woodrow […]