5-Month-Old Baby Sold On Craigslist: Tennessee Couple In Custody

A 5-month-old baby was sold on Craigslist, Fox News reports. A Tennessee couple is in custody after they sold their baby to an undercover officer.

A couple from Tennessee has been arrested for attempting to sell their child on Craigslist. When the police received a tip that a couple was trying to sell their 5-month-old baby for $3,000, they took action.

Deanna Lynn Greer, 37, and John David Cain, 26, met with an undercover officer at a Dollar General store in Elizabethton, where they planned to exchange their baby for the money. The couple was arrested on the spot and charged with aggravated child neglect, child abuse, and various offenses related to “Haley’s Law.”

Haley’s Law was created after a child who was severely abused by her father and step-mother. The law automatically gives any offender who abuses a child under 9-years-old and causes bodily injuries a Class-A felony.

While the child did not suffer any bodily injuries, the parents willingly and knowingly were going to put her in a harms way by selling her to someone they did not know.

Greene County Sheriff Pat Hankins was severely disturbed that any parent could do this to their child. He said that he’s never seen anything like this in the 34 years he’s worked there.

“Can you believe this? We bought a baby. It makes my heart drop.”

The warrant revealed that the couple “did knowingly place the child in threat of serious danger, bodily injury or death by selling the child to an unknown person, (an) especially heinous, atrocious and cruel act.”

Greenville Sun revealed that this unbelievable act occurred around 5:30 p.m. on Friday at the Dollar General on Victory Lane. The undercover officer handed the couple $3,000, and the baby was given to the undercover officer. They were immediately arrested and taken to jail.

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Further, it was revealed that Cain had a warrant for an unrelated offense that occurred in Hanover County, North Carolina.

The child, along with an additional baby of Greer, is in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. Bail was set at $150,000 for each of them.

A couple of weeks ago, a Pennsylvania woman agreed to sell her newborn daughter for $1,700, Penn Live reports. Keanaendigo M. James, 22, from Williamsport agreed to sell her baby after she entered into an agreement to give her daughter to a woman immediately after birth. The agreement was notarized, according to the police report.

The baby girl was born on July 21, 2017, but James never gave the baby to the woman. In September, a civil suit was filed against her for the return of the $1,700, prompting police intervention.

When James was asked during the investigation why she wanted to get rid of her baby.

“For the best interest of my unborn daughter.”

James was charged on December 15, but has since fled the area. Lycoming County Detective William Weber says that James has worked locally and in New Jersey as a dancer in dance clubs. They believe that she had worked in Camden, New Jersey more recently, but have a reason to believe that she may be back in the area.

The baby is safe in the hands of her father, who took the baby home from the hospital and has cared for her since.

If you or someone you know has information on the whereabouts of Keanaendigo M. James, originally from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, please contact the Lycoming County Police at 570-323-4987.

Very recently, WRAL confirmed that Cain has three outstanding charges in Wilmington, North Carolina. The charges include embezzlement, as well as two charges of breaking into a car dealership.

It is extremely sad that anyone could sell their child in exchange for money, but unfortunately, it happens more often than we know. Fortunately, both children are safe and out of harm’s way.

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