Cat Doused With Gasoline, Thrown In Garbage Bag In PA: Reward Offered For Information

A cat was doused with gasoline and thrown in garbage bag in PA. According to WJACTV, a reward is being offered to anyone who provides information about this disgusting crime.

When garbage workers heard meowing from a garbage bag in Reading, Pennsylvania, they began digging through the bags. What they found was absolutely horrifying. A cat was thrown in a garbage bag after being doused with gasoline.

If the workers didn’t hear the cat’s meow, it would have been crushed in the back of a garbage truck.

The cat is currently being treated at a veterinary hospital, and is said to be doing okay considering the amount of abuse she has endured. She is lucky to be alive.

A $1,000 reward has been posted by The Humane Society of Berks County for anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for this animal cruelty crime. A $5,000 reward has been posted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and a reward is also said to be posted by Crime Alerts Berks County.

According to CBS Philadelphia, not only was the cat doused with gasoline and thrown in a garbage bag to be discarded, but it was also tied up, Dr. Kimya Davani with the Berks County Humane Hospital told reporters.

“I’m not sure if she initially actually went through the garbage truck, but she was tied up in a trash bag doused in gasoline.”

Davani said that this was one of the most horrific cases of animal abuse that she’s every seen.

“She was in shock, very dehydrated, underweight and her temperature was extremely low–life threatening.”

The cat was estimated to have been inside the garbage bag for at least six hours, and it is unknown how the 1-year-old cat lived that long breathing nothing but gas fumes. The humane society has named her “Miracle Maisy.”

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The cat was located in a garbage bag on Tuesday near the 500 block of North Front Street in Reading.

Davani was all praises for the people who took action to rescue the cat from its plight.

“It’s very fortunate that we have members of our community who care so much about these loving Creatures.”

Miracle Maisy is said to be a loving cat, even after the terrible abuse that she endured.

“You can start to see her normal personality coming out she’s very sweet she loved her head to be rubbed she likes chin rubs.”

Dr. Davani told reporters that the humane society spent all day treating Maisy. They were very concerned that the amount of gasoline soaked into her fur would affect her lungs or neurological functions, but so far, she seems to be healing well, People reports.

“The technicians spent all day bathing and drying her. The gas was so embedded in her fur that she wasn’t drying, and because of this her internal body temperature had dropped. We had to shave most of her body in order to get her temperature up again. She is also very underweight and suffering from skin sensitivity.”

Currently, it appears as if the strong, gray cat is going to recover and should be able to find a loving, forever home.

Obviously, this crime is not being taken lightly. If you or someone you may know has information that could lead to an arrest, please contact Crime Alerts Berks at 877-373-9913, or the Reading Police Department at 610-655-6116.

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