Missing PA Man Found Slain In Creek

A missing PA man was found slain in a creek, WJACTV reports.

Gregory Bosko, 55, of Kittanning, Pennsylvania went missing on March 20. According to Gregory’s brother, Dan, that day Gregory had left to give two guys a ride to Butler, and the same day he found out that Gregory had items missing from his home.

“He left Butler to pick up people that were staying at his apartment in Kittanning, and he was bringing them back to Lyndora. He had been seen back in Butler with those people and that was the last he was seen.”

The family is completely devastated and surprised that Gregory was killed, calling his death “horrendous.”

When he was found, his body was on a creek bed and his neck appeared to be slashed. Coroner William Young III ruled the death a homicide, and confirmed that it was likely the homicide occurred on the day that he went missing, Post-Gazette revealed. Young officially announced that Gregory’s cause of death was “sharp forced trauma of the neck.”

“We can’t say that for sure, but there are indications that the body had been there a while.”

According to CBS Pittsburgh, Gregory was found in Concord Township near Redbud Road. He was found during a search after his family set up a search party for Saturday morning in that area.

Although the couple that Gregory was said to have given them a ride to Butler was interviewed by the police, they have not yet been charged with any crimes.

Dan revealed that he had visited his brother’s apartment to search for any clues, and did find his laptop, mountain bike, and television was missing.

Dan told reporters that he was feeling less confident with each day that passed that his brother wasn’t found.

“Finding him alive would be the thing, but just finding him would be good. We’re hoping and praying for the best, but every day that goes by, it doesn’t look as good.”

On Saturday, prior to Gregory being found, Dan was not feeling confident at all that they still hadn’t found his brother, WPXI revealed. They had already searched Rotary Park with no luck.

“It’s dim. I mean, every day that goes by, like I said last night, it’s darker.”

Unfortunately, Gregory’s body was found shortly after that interview. The State Police are searching for more information on this homicide. They ask that anyone with any information give them a call. The Pennsylvania State Police in Butler, PA can be contacted at 724-284-8100.

Missing Kittanning man, Gregory Bosko, was found dead of apparent homicide, but has a history of drug addiction.
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Dan told the Post-Gazette that Gregory suffered from drug addiction, and one of his family members stated that it probably would have been “better if Greg would have died with a needle in his arm. At least he wouldn’t have suffered.” They were devastated that Greg most likely suffered and had a painful death.

When Dan asked the police if they charged the couple in the death of Gregory, they replied with an honest, but not so positive response.

“It’s an active investigation. They can’t just go out and charge people. This stuff takes time.”

Gregory was not married, but divorced. He had two adult children. He went to Butler area schools and had a G.E.D. Although he had a history of drug problems, Gregory was said to be a good man.

“He was a good guy. A caring guy. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was somewhat gullible. That’s probably why he got into this situation.”

If you or someone you know has any information that could help with this ongoing investigation, please report it to the police. This story is regularly being updated and more information will be reported as it becomes available.

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