Fort Hood Shooter ’99-Pound Strike’: Protesting America’s Hatred For Sharia Law

The Fort Hood shooter, the former army psychiatrist who was responsible for killing 13 people on the base in 2009, is protesting America’s hatred for Sharia law with his 99-pound strike, Fox News reports.

Nidal Hasan, who considers himself a soldier of Allah, was sentenced to death in 2013 following the deadly shooting at Fort Hood Army Base in 2009. There were 13 deaths that day, and 31 people were injured in the November 2009 shooting.

In a handwritten letter, Hasan has declared his 99-pound strike to protest America’s hatred for Sharia law. With this hunger strike, Hasan will reduce his body weight to 99 pounds, where he will then maintain that weight.

Retired Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning was one of the injured when Hasan opened fire at Fort Hood. He made a statement to Fox News in regard to Hasan’s 99-pound strike.

“The fact that this guy who has no regard for human life still thinks he still has the right to make a statement is tragic.”

Unfortunately, Manning is has been fighting to receive combat-related benefits for his injuries and is currently in the appeal process eight years after the massacre. His hearing is scheduled for April 11.

Hasan is currently awaiting death row with six other inmates in Fort Leavenworth. John Galligan, civilian attorney for Hasan, states that he is in a lengthy process to appeal their decision to put him to death.

“If Major Hasan dies while the mandatory appellate process is pending, the findings and sentence will be set aside. Millions of dollars were wasted on this show trial but as I said repeatedly, he did not receive a fair trial at Fort Hood.”

Right now, multiple states are fighting to create an anti-Sharia law. According to Billion Bibles, Sharia law is an Islam law and is said to be very restrictive to Islamic women. The law regulates public and private behavior, as well as private beliefs.

According to Sharia law, a person who steals will be punished by losing his or her right hand. If Muhammad, Quran, or Allah are criticized or denied in any part, Sharia law permits punishment by death.

Furthermore, if a Muslim becomes non-Muslim, this is punishable by death. If a non-Muslim causes a Muslim to leave Islam, this too is punishable by death.

One of the most disturbing parts of Sharia law to people in the United States is that a man can marry a baby girl and can consummate the marriage when she is only 9 years old.

There are multiple clauses within Sharia law that is very restrictive for women. For instance, a woman can marry one man, but the man is able to have up to four wives. A man is able to divorce his wife on his own terms, but a woman must have permission from the man in order for her to request a divorce. A woman subject to a divorce loses custody of any children over the age of six.

The United States is working towards obtaining an anti-Sharia Law.
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A woman is unable to prove rape unless four males were witness to the crime, and the woman who was raped is not able to testify in court. In Sharia law, a female heir is only able to receive one-half of what a male heir receives. A woman is not allowed to speak with a male alone unless he is her relative or husband. A woman is not permitted to drive a car.

Montana is the latest state to attempt banning Sharia law. On Monday, Senate Bill 97 advanced to the next level after a 56-44 vote. Some disagree with the decision to ban Sharia law because it specifically targets one religion, but Republicans do not see it that way. Rep. Theresa Manzella (R-Hamilton) explained her feelings on the matter.

“We’ve heard a lot of discussion about this being a religious law. I just don’t read it that way. We are born with rights and government exists to protect those rights. We’re given those rights as individuals and that’s what makes us better than other countries that are based on collective rights.”

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