Netherlands Bar Accepts Bitcoins For Beer

A bar in the Netherlands is now accepting Bitcoin payments for beer and other beverages.

The EMG Faktors bar uses a new Point of Sale (POS) system that accepts a customers virtual currency in place of traditional payments.

Dutch company Bitcoin Café developed the NUVOPOS as a way to accept Bitcoins on the go. The program asks bar customers to scan a QR code on screen at the bar and then pay using Bitcoins via their smartphone.

This is not the first Bitcoin POS system on the market, it’s not even the first to offer in-person payments. However, it is the first Bitcoin-enabled POS system to focus specifically on bars and other hospitality services.

The team at NUVOPOS is currently accepting applications for more POS systems around the world. With Bitcoin acting as a new form of global currency, these type of systems will likely continue popping up at breakneck speeds.

In the company’s launch party video on YouTube, they write:

“Paying for a beer at the EMG FAKTORS bar has never been so easy: Order it, scan the QR code on a screen at the bar, and pay in bitcoins with the wallet installed on your smartphone. No bank is involved, the money is transferred directly from the customer to the bar owner. The webbased NUVOPOS app offers a fully featured point of sales system with seamless bitcoin integration, which is unseen before. On Thursday night, dozens of entrepreneurs as well as owners of bars and restaurants welcomed the launch of the NUVOPOS system and a mobile Bitcoin ATM at the Bitcoin Café Groningen in the EMG FAKTORS bar in The Netherlands.”

Are you willing to visit a bar that accepts Bitcoins for beer? Would you actually pay for your alcoholic beverages with digital currency?

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