Dr. Conrad Murray Won’t Get Medical License Back In California

Conrad Murray and Practicing Medicine

The Medical Board of California has refused to reinstate the medical license of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Dr. Murray recently revealed that he wants to practice medicine again after he is released from jail later this month. However, the Medical Board has already started the process of revoking the doctors license.

The revocation has been put on hold as Murray attempts to bring his case before an appeals court to reverse the verdict.

A source at TMZ bluntly responded “He’s not getting his license back” because of what he did to Michael Jackson.

The case isn’t just about Michael Jackson dying because of Conrad Murray, the Medical Board of California is also scared by the doctors use of Propofol for 60 days straight on a patient. That decision ultimately led to Michael Jackson overdosing. The board believes Murray’s use of Propofol as a sleeping aid was “shocking.”

When doctors make a mistake in California the board will often overlook a first time offense for misdeeds. Doctors have gotten off with warnings for cocaine use and even when accidentally hurting a patient. However, when offenses are based off “moral failing” they tend to view the deeds as unforgivable.

Dr. Conrad Murray’s medical license is currently suspended which means he won’t be able to practice medicine during the appeals processes.

We’re not sure who Dr. Conrad Murray plans to treat if his appeal is successful. The doctors name has become synonymous with Michael Jackson’s death and his actions will likely make most patients seek another doctor.

In the meantime Murray continues to claim that he was an innocent bystander in Michael Jackson’s death. The doctor claims that Jackson took an overdose of Propofol without his direct supervision.

Would you be willing to visit Dr. Conrad Murray for a consultation given his background?