Robert Redford Believes President Obama ‘Can’t Function’ In This Political Climate

Robert Redford recently describe President Obama as a “compassionate” man who simply cannot “function” in our current political climate.

The 77-year-old actor sat down with the folks at CNN to discuss a number of topics. In addition to commenting on the future of the nation, Redford also addressed the problems that he feels are currently plaguing the country.

Robert Redford believes that opponents of President Obama are simply rejecting his ideas in order to “destroy” and “paralyze” him. The actor also thinks these people will go as far as to completely cripple the government to achieve their goals.

“There is a body of congressional people that wants to paralyze the system. I think what sits underneath it, unfortunately, is there’s probably some racism involved, which is really awful,” Redford told the publication during the recent interview.

He continued:

“They wanted, if it meant destroying the government, anything to keep him from succeeding. I think just the idea of giving credit to this President, giving him credit for anything, is abhorrent to them, so they’ll go against it. Never mind that it’s the better good of the people, never mind that they’re supposed to be in office representing the interest of the public. They’re representing their own self-interests, which is very narrow and in some cases bigoted.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Robert Redford believes that women and young people are crucial to the future of the country.

“Give them the reins. I think they can do better than we have,” he explained.

The Out of Africa star recently appeared in writer-director J.C. Chandor’s critically-acclaimed movie All is Lost. The drama, which takes place at sea, features Redford as the film’s lone actor. He’s also set to appear in Captain America: The Winter Solder.

Are you a fan of Robert Redford? Do you agree that President Obama “can’t function” in our current political environment?

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