Graphic, Disturbing Halloween Display Causes Neighbors To Call 911

gruesome halloween decorations

Mustang, OK – Something tells me that Trick or Treaters will not be visiting the house with decapitated bodies laying in the driveway.

A Halloween display in an Oklahoma neighborhood has been lauded by some for its creativity and commitment to realism, though neighbors have been so disturbed by it that they’ve placed panicked calls to 911. Johnnie Mullins, who put up the decorations, admitted that the intention was to get “gruesome” this Halloween.

His yard displays gravestones and ghosts in a tree, as well as fake dead bodies in the driveway, reports News9.

“Just trying to scare people, that’s what I like to do,” Mullins boasted.

One of the dead bodies is positioned in such a way that it looks like the garage door decapitated it. Another lays limp beside a truck’s wheel, suggesting that its head had been run over.

Neighbors are losing it over these gory decorations.

“My heart about came out of my chest. I thought ‘Oh my God,'” said Rebecca Fuentes, a neighbor who hopes Mullins eventually takes the decorations down. “If I think it’s real, just think of what a child would think?”

But Mullins said that the kids love it.

“The kids that live in the neighborhood don’t freak out or anything. I’m sure they do at first,” he said.

Still, the decorations prompted at least one 911 call. Police and firefighters responded to the scene.

Mullins isn’t breaking any laws, and said that he’s planning on keeping the decorations up through the holiday.

“It’s Halloween. I don’t think it’s too far,” he said.