Floyd Mayweather Sr. On Tim Bradley: Jr. Would “Whip His @ss”

The Inquisitr recently asked who Floyd Mayweather Jr. should fight next. The comments reflected what everyone in the boxing world already knows: Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the consensus best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

“There is nobody else in this generation that can beat Floyd Mayweather,” said Courtney Brillhart.

“I agree. There’s nobody who can give Mayweather a good chance of being beaten,” said one anonymous commenter.

Still, unless they’re going to fold the boxing industry and declare Floyd Mayweather Jr. “Eternal Champion,” “Money” Mayweather needs his next fight. How else will he stay the highest paid athlete in the world? Besides, as Michael Ishmael reminds us, all men are fallible.

“Everybody’s human and can be beat, and that includes Mayweather.”

So who’s next for Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Tim Bradley wants to be the guy.

“If a Floyd Mayweather fight were to materialize, I would love to do that,” Bradley said after his win over Juan Manuel Marquez. “I would love to fight Mayweather, and I would love to fight the Money team.”

Floyd Mayweather Sr. advises against it.

“It better be in the future and he better try to make it last,” Mayweather Sr. told Hustle Boss. “Because he’s still got a gap on my son. That’s a good generation gap he’s got. He’s 30 years old against a man who is six [years older] but the man who’s six years older is going to whip his ass.”

“He’s faster. He’s quicker. He’s more knowledgeable. Look here, all you got to do is look who is in the corner now. My son knows what his Daddy is talking about,” Mayweather Sr. added.

The quotes from Floyd Mayweather Sr. come from a Hustle Boss interview about Bradley-Marquez.

The question remains: who’s next for Floyd Mayweather Jr.? If no one can beat Floyd Mayweather Jr., who should be the next to try? Is there anyone left for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fight?

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