Timothy Bradley Wants ‘Money’ Shot: A Fight With Floyd Mayweather

Does Bradley Deserve A Shot At Mayweather?

WBO welterweight champ Timothy Bradley wants a shot at some real money. Specifically, Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

After getting a split decision win over Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday night, the 31-0 California pugilist set his sights on “Money,” listed as the highest paid athlete in the world in 2012.

“I just want to fight the best fighters out there,” Bradley said. “If a Floyd Mayweather fight were to materialize, I would love to do that…. I would love to fight Mayweather, and I would love to fight the Money team.”

The likelihood of such a fight happening anytime soon is fairly slim, some say, as Bradley is promoted by Top Rank. Remember who else is a Top Rank guy? Manny Pacquiao, a fighter for whom years of negotiations and millions of dollars couldn’t induce a fight with Mayweather. Past attempts at negotiations aside, Top Rank’s biggest fights are on HBO and Mayweather is in a 30-month, multi-fight deal with Showtime, reports the L.A. Times.

Bradley knows the score but still wants to give it a shot.

“I know about all of it,” Bradley said Sunday. “I’ll talk to my promoter and my manager and still see if we can make it happen. I want to fight the top dog in boxing. We’ve got to try.”

Timothy Bradley may be the best option on Mayweather’s dance card. With a win over Pacquiao and now Marquez, Bradley could be the best test of the 45-0 world junior-middleweight champion.

Do you think Timothy Bradley deserves a “Money” shot? Did he earn the win over Pacquiao?