Priest Arrested For Soliciting Sex, Admits He Has HIV

priest arrested

A priest in Cleveland has been arrested for trying to solicit sex from an off-duty cop in his jeep while in a car park. Rev. James McGonegal told the cop he was just cruising in his jeep before he asked her to get him off for $50.

He then began to masturbate in the parking lot, in his vehicle, while horrified onlookers – of which there were plenty – watched. After his arrest the priest admitted to the police that he was HIV positive.

When the cops searched his vehicle they found a range of sex toy paraphernalia. The police report noted:

While conducting a tow inventory of McGonegal’s vehicle three sexual devices, commonly referred to as “cock rings,” were located. One of these rings was wrapped around the lid to a bottle labeled “Pig Sweat.” The bottle logo was of a pig/man figure wearing buttocks-free chaps. Below the name of the bottle was writing stating the product was nail polish remover. The labeling also indicated that the product contained isobutyl nitrate, a harmful intoxicant.

When Rev. McGonegal was asked by an arresting police officer at the scene why he has a bottle of pig sweat in his car he said that smelling the product gave him a “buzz.”

He is up on numerous charges including public indecency, soliciting after a positive HIV test and abusing harmful substances. He was released from jail on a personal bond.

During Sunday prayers at the church where the arrested priest was pastor, the congregants said: “Today we pray for this parish, and our pastor.” It remains to be seen what punishment the priest will get when his case comes to trial.