Murderer Mom Leatrice Brewer Kills 3 Kids, Gives Birth In Mental Facility

Mom Leatrice Brewer, 33, murdered her three young kids in 2008 — but after she was found not guilty by reason of mental defect, gave birth to a fourth child while being held in a psychiatric facility.

Much of the info about Brewer’s fourth child is hazy, but the update is one that carries a significant number of implications about the mental health system.

Less than five years after Brewer drowned and killed 6-year-old Jewell Ward, 5-year-old Michael Demesyeux and 18-month-old Innocent Demesyeux Jr., she is said to have become pregnant with and given birth to a baby while held in Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center in New Hampton, New York.

The news of a fourth child born to the mom who confessed to the three murders is not the only shocking development in the case in recent weeks.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier, Brewer also has sought money paid in a wrongful death lawsuit to the estates of the three dead children:

“Innocent Demesyeux, the father of two of the children, settled a $250,000 lawsuit against Nassau County in 2011. Demesyeux said social service caseworkers could have done more to save 5-year-old Michael and 18-month-old Innocent Demesyeux Jr. A lawsuit filed on behalf of 6-year-old Jewell Ward was settled for $100,000 last year… If Leatrice Brewer is successful, it is unlikely she will get to keep the money. There is a $1.2 million lien against her for psychiatric counseling and other services she received since her arrest.”

At issue in the case is a law known as the Son Of Sam law, aimed at preventing convicted criminals from profiting financially from the crimes for which they’ve been convicted. Lawyers for Brewer have argued that the 33-year-old woman is not subject to such statutes due to the fact she wasn’t technically convicted in the crime despite her confession to the murders.

A lawyer for the father of Brewer’s slain baby said of news she’d given birth to a fourth child:

“This person’s supposedly in a secure facility and she gets pregnant. This is the woman who had no idea what she was doing when she murdered her children.”

It is not clear who fathered the child Leatrice Brewer had during her hospitalization, and privacy laws prevent further information from being released in the case.