Georgia Tech’s ‘Rapebait’ Guy Comes Forward, Says He’s Sorry

The Georgia Tech writer of an extremely offensive frat email has come forward and issued an apology in his student newspaper. The “rapebait” email writer, known only as Matthew, said that the missive was merely a failed attempt to satirize misogynistic behavior.

The original email was sent to members of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, quickly caught the attention of online communities, and went on to receive extensive media attention. The email, which instructed fraternity members to lure women using alcohol for sexual persuasion, also prompted an investigation from Georgia Tech and Phi Kappa Tau.

The national Phi Kappa Tau fraternity also temporarily suspended the Georgia Tech chapter.

In the apology published by campus paper Technique, Matthew said that while he was the chapter’s social chair, he has stepped down. He also said that the email was supposed to be satirical, but that in the end it never should have been written.

“Misogynistic behavior is everywhere online and unfortunately, my attempt to ridicule it in an immature and outrageous satire backfired terribly and in a manner I mistakenly underestimated,” he wrote.

He also described that “rapebait” had long been a fraternity inside joke.

“In retrospect, it was a nickname I should not have embraced but continuing to use the term was my fault. As a leader I should have put a stop to it in any reference,” he wrote.

“I know I cannot fix all the damage I have done, but I will strive to become a better man as I work through this episode in my life,” Matthew said.

He ended with: “I will conduct myself to more honorably reflect the ideals of Georgia Tech in the future.”

So far, the apology letter has drawn a mixed response. While some commenters said that the original “rapebait” email controversy had been overblown, others called the apology “self-serving” and called for Matthew’s expulsion.

You can read the original “rapebait” email in it’s entirety here, and then read Matthew’s apology here. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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