Mysterious ‘Shanghai Streaker’ Poses Naked For Random Men, Still Eludes Police

Shanghai Streaker

Usually when you think of streakers you imagine some dirty old man in an even dirtier old raincoat walking up to innocent woman in dark streets and flashing them.

Well, remove that image from your mind and imagine a gorgeous young Chinese streaker instead. That’s what you would see if you were in Shanghai late at night, especially in the popular Hengshan Road where the young lady has been sighted, naked and pictured.

She even posed for random men who were passing by so they could snap a quick “holiday pic” although probably not one to show the wife.

The police in Shanghai are now looking all over for the young serial stripper so they can snap a quick picture on their phones arrest her and stop this terrible crime from polluting the streets of shanghai.

The mystery woman first appeared in some photos online as she sensually removed her cardigan as shocked onlookers watched in what is the Chinese equivalent of Times Square.

She is pictured in another part of the busy city wearing a silky black strapless number and then removing it for the eager camera. You can see a few of those extremely pleasing unlawful pictures by clicking here.

A Chinese psychologist called Zhao Zhiyun stated the obvious when he told the Shanghai Daily that the sexy young girl’s conduct indicated a lack of social cognition and a strong desire to show off with no social restrictions. You don’t say.

There are different opinions though on the internet as to the real motives of the Shanghai streaker. Some suggest that she was hired by some ominous porn site for promotional purposes. Others contend that her flashing attacks may be part of some performance or that she is simply just an exhibitionist.

Either way, the police are conducting nightly searches for the Shanghai Streaker and many officers have reportedly offered to work night shifts, for the time being. One can only wonder why.

Here is a Tweet from the China forum:

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If you are interested in streakers in general, as well as the Shanghai Streaker herself, check out this cool video clip all about streakers: