Anti-Semitic Elmo Sentenced To One Year, Still Hates The Girl Scouts

Anti-semitic Elmo has been sentenced to one year behind bars. Homeless man Dan Sandler made national news when he went on an anti-semitic tirade in New York City's Times Square. While dressed as Elmo the crazed man attempted to extort $2 million from the Girl Scouts.

Sandler plead guilty to attempted grand larceny and misdemeanor stalking as part of a deal organized by prosecutors.

The anti-semetic Elmo was accused of threatening to publicize false information about Girl Scouts of America. According to prosecutors Dan Sandler backed up his threats with emails and photos to various employees of the nonprofit.

During his arrest in Times Square the defendant was wearing his Elmo costume as he blocked traffic and caused a scene for onlookers. A defense attorney for Sandler argued that his rants did not constitute any type of real threat.

Sandler, a former temp for the Girl Scouts, had been arrested in the past for the same type of anti-Semitic rants in Times Square.

The Girl Scouts of American have called Sandlers emails "alarming." In one email Sandler sent semi-nude photos of himself to a former supervisor at the organization. In another email he wrote:

"If I go the controversial route I will probably publish fictitious content about the Girl Scouts. And name names….Like your name! Because you were my caring supervisor who now gives me the silence [sic] treatment."
During sentencing the anti-semitic Elmo remained vigilant against the Girl Scouts, at one point calling the group "very corrupt." Dan Sandler claims his crimes "were more of a protest, like laying down in an intersection."

Sandler has also been called "Evil Elmo" by some members of the press.

Do you think Sandler should be behind bars or under observation at a mental health facility given his strange Elmo suit wearing rant?