Woman Gets Drunk Watching Braveheart, Chases Neighbors Around With A Sword

braveheart woman

Queensland, Australia – Braveheart is an inspiring movie. No matter what you think of Mel Gibson, almost everyone can agree that it’s one of the greatest battle cry/heartstrings-tuggers ever put on film. You may feel yourself taken over with some real old school grit while you’re watching it, the chances of which double when alcohol is involved.

Just don’t grab a sword and chase your neighbors around in the street screaming “FREEEEEDOOOOOM!!!” because that is, while entertaining, illegal.

A Gold Coast woman learned that lesson in Queensland court this week, reports goldcoast.com. Simone Nicole Bruce, 44, was watching the Gibson film while drinking wine in her home in May when she decided it was time to practice her sword swinging skills in the middle of her street.

Her neighbors came home to find her re-enacting in the driveway. She ran them down and struck their car with the sword as they pulled out and drove away.

Naturally, they called the police.

Bruce copped to the charges in court this week, and everyone had a laugh.

“Your honor, I would make an application that she does not watch Kill Bill,” said her prosecutor in jest.

Another laywer said Bruce believed that she was distantly related to Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, depicted in the film by Angus Macfadyen. The familial tie fueled her inspiration to go a-sword-swinging in the street.

“This may sound ridiculous but she was watching Braveheart the movie and got into the swing of things,” he said. “She said she got well involved, picked up her son’s sword and went on the driveway swinging the sword around, reliving the movie.”

Quote of the hearing:

“It goes without saying that alcohol was behind all of this.”

Bruce is reportedly appalled by her “somewhat bizarre behavior” and is seeking treatment for alcohol abuse. Aside from 18 months probation, she was granted what her possible ancestor fought for throughout the film: Her freedom.

No word on whether she shouted “FREEEEEDDDOOOOMMM!!!” again as she left the courthouse.