Beyonce And Jay Z Leading ‘The New Establishment’

new establishment

Beyonce and Jay Z are the leaders of the New Establishment.

Vanity Fair recently released “The New Establishment” list, which ranks “25 members of the power elite,” and Jay Z and Beyonce are right on top.

Jay Z, 43, and Beyonce, 32, were ranked 8th on the list last year. They climbed to the top this year thanks to Roc Nation jumping into the world of sports and Beyonce’s sold out Miss Carter Tour.

The magazine writes: “Jay Z’s entertainment company, Roc Nation, is now shaking up the sports world, making a play to represent athletes, including Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder… Meanwhile, Beyoncé delivered a scintillating Super Bowl halftime performance, released an HBO documentary, and then promptly sold out her world tour, the Mrs. Carter Show.”

Jay Z and Beyonce were also at the top of the “Highest Earning Celebrity Couples” list. Forbes estimated that their net worth is about $95 million.

Jay Z told VF last week that he led a “charmed life” with Beyonce.

The musician was talking about how he deals with the paparazzi and the gossip magazines when he said: “I mean, we’ve got a really charmed life, so how can we complain? But when you think about it, we’re still human beings.”

The two musicians beat out Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Brian Roberts and Steve Burke of Comcast, Bob Iger of Disney, and Rupert Murdoch from Fox News.; Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre were the second highest ranked musicians (sixth overall) thanks to their Beats headphones.

Do you think Jay Z and Beyonce deserve to be at the top of “The New Establishment.”