Government Shutdown 2013: Tourists Trapped In Wyoming

The government shutdown of 2013 has caused tourists to be trapped in Wyoming. A snow storm has worked together with the recent attempt to fix the national budget, leaving tourists in Cooke City, Wyoming, and other cities across the Midwest, trapped as there is literally no way out.

As Congress attempts to agree on a budget, all unnecessary services and parks have been shut down to eliminate expenditures which will only make the problem worse in the meantime. This factor is no consolation to Wyoming tourists who were left with only one road in or out, Chief Joseph Highway, which is now covered in impassible snow.

Julie Lee said she and fellow members of her White Rose Band said that they are accustomed to snow and all, but not in the beginning of October. She added, “Our car is like an igloo. I’m glad we got everything out.”

The government shutdown of 2013 has caused mild chaos all over the US, as World War II veterans ended up defying the law and entering the National Mall to visit their memorial, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Yellowstone National Park is among those that have been shut down until the nation’s budget can be agreed upon.

Bill Anderson is among the tourists trapped in the Wyoming town until the storm passes, and he has already written Congress and made phone calls, all to no avail. He refuses to wait out the problem in silence.

Leo Gaerther, the owner of Buns N Beds, the only business other than a gas station available in the Wyoming town where tourists are trapped, said:

“I just wish we could get this thing resolved. I still got to pay the light bill, I still got to pay the mortgage. That doesn’t go away. They don’t care whether [Yellowstone] is open or closed. It’s something people don’t think about, but that’s just how it is.”

As the government shutdown of 2013 continues, tourists trapped in Wyoming are only one of many problems being caused.