Body of missing Michigan mom found, husband’s cousin in custody

Although police originally said that they believed Amy Henslee, 30, had left of her own volition and was likely still alive, it was announced yesterday that a body found buried near the home of a relative along with another woman’s corpse matched the description of the missing woman.

Circumstances surrounding Henslee’s disappearance led police to believe at first that no harm had befallen her:

“Our investigation is focused on the fact that she is alive,” Lt. Bill Lux from the Van Buren County Police Department said at a press conference today. “My belief is someone out there knows…and that’s why time is of the essence for us. I urge anyone that knows to contact us.”

Law enforcement officials learned that a pickup truck owned by Henslee’s husband’s cousin Junior Lee “B.J.” Beebe was spotted at her house shortly before she disappeared.

It all broke loose when a neighbor told police she saw a black pickup in the Henslee’s driveway the morning Amy disappeared. That coupled with Beebe’s admission to James Henslee that he had been there that morning, led to a search of the camper and the hunting shed where the cousin lives.


The body of Beebe’s girlfriend was buried near that of Henslee’s, and both women had been shot to death.