Former NFL Player Brian Holloway Catches Teens Partying In His Home Thanks To Twitter

Teenagers partied and destroyed former NFL star, Brian Holloway's home over Labor Day weekend, after they broke into the athlete's abode to throw a huge soiree.

Holloway, who played for the Raiders and Patriots, has revealed that the 300 teenagers who broke into his house caused over $20,000 worth of damage.

He was in Tampa, Florida, for the holiday, when his son revealed that he had noticed tweets informing him of a party of their home in upstate New York.

The ex-footballer told CNN, "I thought it was a joke. I'm looking at these tweets and they're saying, 'I'm partying with the NFL,' 'I've never seen so much alcohol in my life,' 'I can't wake her up,' 'Oh, we're being busted,' 'We gotta hide,' 'Get rid of all the drugs'."

By the time Holloway had contacted police though the damage was already extensive. People in his home had already stolen various items, while they also spray-painted across its walls too."

Holloway continued, "We had learned that they had broken in. They used a couple of different ways to enter the house. They broke and kicked in a couple windows. They came in through one back door. They took a ladder and came in through the window. I blew past furious to what's important: How do we save these 300 lives that thought this was a good idea?"

He has now set up a website called,, which shows the people who partied in his home as he plans to save them from their lives of partying.

However, the parents of these children haven't reacted well to the website, and some have even threatened to sue him.

Holloway contacted the teenagers to help him clean up his home, as he is set to host a picnic for 1,000 military people. Fifty volunteers eventually arrived, and helped him to clean, but only one individual from the party came.

You can see images from the party below:




[Image via Konstantin Chagin/Shutterstock]